Thursday, December 11, 2008

all orders for Ryan Daley's chap have either been sent or will be sent tomorrow. my stock is slowly dwindling. so you better act fast on this one. if i haven't said it lately, i will say it again, this book has been such a pleasure to work on. i've been going back to it in my moments of idleness. just an amazing collection. so excited by how it turned out.

the second edition of shane jones' book is about half printed. a few orders are going out tomorrow. they should all be completed this weekend. these will be limited. to clarify, here is the deal with these. i'm doing thirty, which after artist copies leaves me me with twenty. once those twenty are gone, that will be it. can't please everybody.

on the horizon will be books by becca klaver, brooklyn copeland, kathryn regina, and a little later, zachary schomburg. then i might take a week or two off. then the late winter will have a shit load of awesome books.

also, all orders now will come some piece of ephemera. might be an old photo. maybe an old letter i found. a bus ticket. i find a lot of crazy things on the ground and in used books. i will share these with you.

go forth and cook in the rotisserie warmth-lights of Carson Mell. He is my new favorite writer.

"take your kid to the arcade and win him a bunny. my buddy here is going pro."

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