Wednesday, December 31, 2008

hooray! i am now taking orders for Corduroy Mtn. First Print! you can order it HERE!

contributors, i have a copy saved for each of ya'll. i just need your addresses. feel free to email me and i'll send em off.

added it to goodreads

this whole project was a hoot! sure it was a bit time consuming and set me behind a month, but man, it came out great. i hope i did the contributors justice. every piece in here solid. like a rock. like all of the Pointer Sisters singing Jump (For My Love) in perfect unison. its that god damn sweet.

minus the skunk-spot, of course.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

added troy urquhart, patrick lucy, and howard good to the mtn.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

on the way home from work i saw the thickest set of cankles i've ever seen. i was mortified by their girth. they'll never know the pleasure of modern day high-top sneakers.

while my wife was away for christmas, i mastered the art of air guitar on an actual guitar, while watching dirty jobs with a cat on my shoulder.

here are my two favorite Mtn. covers thus far:

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

all orders have been shipped!

i even went to the dreaded ******* street post office. i say dreaded because they have a rather poor reputation. i thought i mine as well just my mail to fire, then myself. you know, like, cut out the middle man. but these orders were important so i strapped on a set and waited there with the crying (possibly abandoned) children. there were a lot of kids in that place. a ton. i thought maybe there was some special exchange going on, what with the bad economy and all. they were all sad too. "cheer up, my man." i said to one of them. "christmas is a couple days away." but then he just started crying again. "did they set fire to you mail, too?" i asked him. "no." he said. i'm generally quite apathetic when it comes to postal workers, but man, what a rough week to be a postal worker. this dinner (i'm holding up my dinner plate) is in honor of you. please don't set my mail on fire. or submerge it in water. or whatever you guys do at your weekly after-hour get together.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Jeff Harrison reviews Walden Book by Allen Bramhall! check it out at Galatea Resurrection.

i'd hate to have to work in a supermarket the night before a huge winter storm. went to stop n shop tonight for some odd n ends and i felt like the basic fabric of society was about to break down and the last 30 minutes of 28 days was going to transpire. someone was going to get knifed for cinnamon raisin bagels. i could absolutely smell it. then on the drive home we come up to a big car accident with the array of broken glass and people yelling at each other in the middle of the road. then flirting with disaster was on the radio and my wife and i were practicing our badut bop bop yeah's. now i'm home with my groceries, waiting for the snow to arrive. glancing at the wreckage from car accidents makes me sick in the stomach. always have. i'll run in the morning.

all mail orders have been shipped except for stuff going overseas. my apologies for the delay but the local post office is a nightmare and i can't so overseas shipping from the self check out machine. ill try and get em out during my lunch breaks.

Corduroy Mtn is about a week away. they're coming out excellent!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

shane jones' chapbook has sold out. that's it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

corduroy mtn. one is about half way printed. should be done sometime after christmas, maybe a couple days before. it'll be a sweet 5x8 book. yellow covers. autumn colors insert. an eric amling broadsheet. an envelope. there will be 55 made. in honor of the delays. all contributors are encouraged to get in touch so as i can send you a copy. get ready.

also, i've been listening to Horrors a ton lately. not the shitty uk band called "The Horrors" but this is the old In The Red label Horrors. these dudes. just pure garage noise. awesome. that new The Horrors band is shitty. have i mentioned that? that they're shitty? because they're shitty. really shitty. moral of the story. always double check what you are about to buy on itunes. today was also the first day of my strenuous exercise regiment. i've taken up running. my training consisted of calisthenics, light stretching, and buying proper attire. today, i ran 1.5 miles. i have a new respect for marathon runners. and runners in general. maybe even drug runners too though i'm not sure how much actual running is involved in drug running. either way, it ain't easy, bro.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a poem of mine has been published in the new issue of Lamination Colony

check it out and the other great poems there. there're some really eclectic pieces up there. i feel like writing again.

Monday, December 15, 2008

hey kids, so after i send off shane jones' artist copies i'll only have 11 (ELEVEN) left. after these eleven are gone you'll have to wait until the best of shane jones anthology comes out. so get on that. because you need something to get on. in greying ghost business news, i bought a new printer. i won't go into specifics other than to say that's incredibly fast. this means i might be upping the number of copies made for some future releases. because y'know, now i can crank them out. like babies. on tuesday Corduroy Mtn hits the printer. as well as becca klaver's chapbook. both should be done immediately after christmas. the old printer served me well. it will continue to serve me well for projects that require color printing. but the new dude, good lord! its like laser lightning. my wife is now married to a toner man.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

a summation on my diner experiences

just got back from victoria's diner. if you know me, you know i love diners. i have this thing where i judge a diner based on its buttermilk pancakes. victoria's had very good buttermilk pancakes. they were on the thin side but still fluffy, solid, and overall, quite delicious. usually thin pancakes taste woeful as it means they've been burnt. these were not burnt. their milkshakes tastes woeful. it was like drinking milk out of a sweaty shoe. pancakes though, were top notch. they were $4.99 as well. i would put Victoria's somewhere in the middle of the pack. the upper echelon being the Deluxe Town Diner and the Talk of the Town Diner. the watertown double-headed buttermilk monster. botton of the list would be the 50's diner in Dedham and places like Perkin's or any continental breakfast buffet. Ihop is ok. Usually Ihop is filled with drunks and meth addicts (with nubby teeth) which scores them points in the overall amusement category. Ihop also has some mind-blowing hash browns. the 50's Diner in Dedham is greatly overrated. the portions are a slap in the face and the service is sloppy. if you expect a bad tap, you'll usually end up with a bad tip. that's all i'm saying. i'm talking about buttermilk pancakes, son. the Grecian Diner in Allston had some grade A flapjacks. but that place burned down, sadly. i'll still rank them high though. Centre Street Cafe here in JP is good but pricey. If i'm going to drop $9.00 on pancakes i'd better have my shoes and pants dazzled right off me. usually they aren't but the food is still good enough that you have to kick the tires on the cafe every now and then. go here if you come across some cash at the horse track or when you get your state income tax refund. sound bites is up there too. i'd like to check out that small diner near sullivan station. the one with the menu handwritten on paper plates. on my honeymoon i ate some flapjacks that were truly horrific. here's some exposition. we drank a bunch of caffeine drinks the night before as we were going to try and drive all night through the southwestern desert lands but we ended up pulling over at a truck stop and sleeping for an hour or two. we both woke up groggy gazing headlong into the sun. there's nothing on the radio in new mexico except for a syndicated NPR style program. so after an hour of this, i start getting hungry. so we pull off the highway and find a Mcdonalds in some bumfuck town. i get the hotcakes and a juice. a half hour later i'm doing lateral buttermilk tosses all over a rest stop. i chug some water and get it all out. i wait it out. then we hit the road, drive through el paso and i'm back driving through the country's most boring stretch of land on the way to Austin where i eventually sideswipe a deer and lose my cool. Austin was alright. too keep this inline with being press-related blog only, i will say that that was when I came with the name for Greying Ghost.

Friday, December 12, 2008

i'd like to start a mix tape club.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

all orders for Ryan Daley's chap have either been sent or will be sent tomorrow. my stock is slowly dwindling. so you better act fast on this one. if i haven't said it lately, i will say it again, this book has been such a pleasure to work on. i've been going back to it in my moments of idleness. just an amazing collection. so excited by how it turned out.

the second edition of shane jones' book is about half printed. a few orders are going out tomorrow. they should all be completed this weekend. these will be limited. to clarify, here is the deal with these. i'm doing thirty, which after artist copies leaves me me with twenty. once those twenty are gone, that will be it. can't please everybody.

on the horizon will be books by becca klaver, brooklyn copeland, kathryn regina, and a little later, zachary schomburg. then i might take a week or two off. then the late winter will have a shit load of awesome books.

also, all orders now will come some piece of ephemera. might be an old photo. maybe an old letter i found. a bus ticket. i find a lot of crazy things on the ground and in used books. i will share these with you.

go forth and cook in the rotisserie warmth-lights of Carson Mell. He is my new favorite writer.

"take your kid to the arcade and win him a bunny. my buddy here is going pro."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

one of the greatest songs ever. man, if i were to blessed with the task of curating a second jock jamz compilation, i'd include the hell out of this. i'd probably include this twice.

and this one:

i've been enjoying the Apostrophe Cast a lot lately.
perhaps, if you haven't yet, you should. especially the josh maday stuff. i always thought his name was pronounced may-day but muh-day. i am sorry.

i'm going to start jogging/running next week. and getting up early to write. both tasks will include ankle weights.

scrapped the covers to the Mtn. don't fret participants. a back-up plan has been instituted. in the interest of the sanity of everyone involved, it will be one big print issue. i'm scrapping the whole painted cover idea. they will come in some sort of sexy enclosure envelope. this will all be done soon. this new idea will shave off days.

have you read The Mtn. lately?

Monday, December 08, 2008

if you don't use paypal but would still like to order some Greying Ghost titles, please email me for other payment methods.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

tonight i am printing up more copies of shane jones' I Will Unfold You With My Hairy Hands. you know that chapbook you wanted to read but procrastinated to the point where it sold out and you felt empty inside. feel empty no longer. i'm printing up an initial re-run of 30 copies. you can pre-order yourself a copy by sending, via paypal, $5.00 to "". make sure in the message section you say you want shane's book.

i have a giant sheet of paper with "people who want shane jones' book" written on top. pre-ordering will me buy some more printers ink. after the 2nd run is gone, i'll see where we're at as far as demand goes. its awesome that people dig this book so much. i'll try and get one into your hands!

also, these books won't be as fancy as the original. but it will still look nice.

can't/don't wait.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

if your name is "chris williams" and you live in chicago, your book order got returned. please email me to re-confirm your address. or if you know a chris williams in chicago and he's all pissed off about not getting his books, steer him in the direction on this post. chris, if you are out, get in touch. i will resend. i promise.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

just ordered a copy of Aaron Tieger's new chapbook. i dig his writing a ton and am quite excited to get my mitts on this.

also, Ryan Daley received his copies today. I'll be putting them up for sale on the site either tonight or very early tomorrow. they will be $6.00 (includes postage). if you can't wait, you can paypal your Electronic Green to me at "oldwesty at gmail dot com" and i will ship them out asap.

Monday, December 01, 2008

started working on the covers to Corduroy Mtn: First Print. it'll be a bloody good time. sort of like First Blood where Rambo first escapes from jail and seeks solitude in the mountainous reaches of the pacific northwest. imagine rambo coming across a stockpile of ammo and munitions and thinking: yes, this will come in quite handy. a mental note has thusly been taken. that is what life will be like for you, the reader, upon reading this issue. you will spring forth from your jail cell. you will hide in the woods. and you will hunt down Brian Dennehy.

on a legal note, i am not responsible for Mr Dennehy as a result of the reading of this issue.

for the covers i'm expanding on the idea i had for the Laura Carter broadsheets and mixing it with some remembrances of Northern Idaho past.

i haven't shaved in ten days. this coincides with my current reading of cormac mccarthy, who, i recently learned, is a fellow rhode islander. i have a headache and i've watched some absolutely terrible football this weekend.

thank you.