Monday, November 03, 2008

updated Greying Ghost site. added a few new titles to the upcoming list.

also, after talking to various folks, i'm toying with the idea of making Corduroy Mtn an online journal. the first issue would remain a print journal. and the Mtn would then become something where people would send material and i'd post it w/ a date and time. no issues except for a yearly best-of issue. i've gotten a ton of ridiculously amazing material thus far. and i'd rather make that stuff available sooner rather than have to sit on it. this way i can concentrate my efforts on the Ghost.

also, if you've sent something to the ghost or to the mtn, and you haven't received a response yet, tuesday will be the day i get caught up on all that. somethings i've just been reading and re-reading...

ideas? input?



online with a print annual or something sounds great, i think you should do it

you are doing a great job by the way, greying ghost is by far my favorite chapbook series.

peter b. said...

cool idea