Monday, November 17, 2008

Update #111608

daley's chapbooks are looking good. i will post some pics when aimee gets back with the good camera. they should be done this week sometime. i got a bit sidetracked with the weird weather, the looking at books, and the national football league. the book fair was a let down. not sure how i will put a positive spin on it for the work newsletter. nothing all that interesting to look at. it seemed like a giant yardsale. granted, i went on the last day. i will work that angle for the newsletter.

i was too bored to eat copious amounts of hot dogs. i didn't really need another t-shirt. instead i bought a sandwich and went home and finished watching Ace In The Hole starring kirk douglas. it was a very good movie once i got over my "your son was that guy from basic instinct and that movie with madonna where she poured hot wax on his naughty bits" syndrome. once i got past that, i was able to sit back and enjoy the film. with an italian submarine sandwich.

i have a poem up at the If Poetry Journal.

office paper cutting party dj set list:

    sightings - end times
    fiery furnaces - remember
    rolling stones - beggars banquet
    denis leary - no cure for cancer
    sharon jones & the dap kings - naturally
    roxy music - for your pleasure
    strapping fielhands - wattle & daub
    pavement - wowee zowee


peter b. said...

I also dig that sharon jones

aimee said...

If you can eat 6 hot dogs at spikes, I will personally buy you a new printer (and of course then ask you for food money for the rest of the week, but whatever...I let you use my camera)

I say it is sunday's adventure: watch carl throw up.

we don't need to do laundry anyway.

aimee said...

it'll be just like new mexico.