Monday, November 03, 2008

today was an official day off. no press work. no writing. no reading. went to the cape. well, we mostly took 28 to wood's hole. i watched some boats come to port. above is a photo of me as a giant, stepping on several small children.

tomorrow, back to the grind. ryan daley's chapbook enters the printing phase along with becca klaver's. sent off the first proof of The Pond to zach schomburg. a few things to redo, as was expected. in the coming week we'll be going over some packaging ideas and get this beauty hammered home. i might have some reprinted copies of shane jones' book by the end of next week.

this weekend i also got the new thomas hummel chap from these amazing folks. i'm about half way into it. ya'll should go buy a copy. now. NOW.

the cape was great. the entire car ride i thought about my next writing project. got a few poems stewing in a cauldron.

more little projects in the works. get ready. or hold on. i'd like a dog someday.


Eunuchsblues said...

You look like a giant waltzing across a mountain valley.

annarummo said...

i am a rather handsome, albeit slack-jawed, giant.

aimee said...

i wouldn't call it slack-jawed. rather the NY university mouth breating giant.