Thursday, November 13, 2008

ryan daley's chapbooks should all be printed and bound by the end of the weekend. after that i'll be doing a quick reprint of shane jones' chap. then there'll be a whole heaping mound of awesome books by the likes of becca klaver, kathryn regina, zachary schomburg and more! hooray for heaping mounds!

corduroy mtn: the print issue, is all formated. just casually waiting its proper slot in the print queue! hooray, also, for proper queue slots!

for all ya'll in the boston area, this weekend is the antiquarian book fair at the hynes convention center. i will be going on sunday. I will most likely be the one wearing a Spikes t-shirt as i plan on doing the Spikes hot dog challenge beforehand. I believe you need to eat at least six to be in the hot dog club, thereby fulfilling the necessary requirements for a t-shirt. maybe its five. i can definitely do five dogs. i'm shooting for seven. no condiments. and free mountain dew refills. maybe i will do this afterwards so i don't do a lateral hot dog toss all over someone's leather-bound manuscripts.

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peter b. said...

i have always wanted an excuse to eat limitless hot dogs