Monday, November 24, 2008

Corduroy Mtn. First Print is hitting the printer this week. i'm going to hammer this thing out. thee will be 40 made. each person who has a poem in it will get a free copy! it will be a mixture of a chapbook and broadsheets with crazy, individually hand stamped covers. once the 40 copies are sold out, the works will move to the site. crazy!

artist copies of ryan daley's chapbooks will be in the mail tomorrow. once he gets em, they'll then be available to the public!

next batch will include books by becca klaver, kathryn regina, and brooklyn copeland. i hope i just spelled their names right. i'll apologize if i didn't. i'm tired and too lazy to fact check.

i saw my first face-eating senior citizen in satin celtics jacket today while clapping along to christmas songs on the radio. it was both endearing and a bit unsettling. he was leering at me the entire time. i thought about giving him the "what's up head-nod" but chose not too. i love lancaster massachusetts and the denizens of rte 117. godspeed.

i only work four days this week.

on the distant but still sooner than later horizon are books by zachary schomburg and colin bassett as well as a reprint of shane jones' chap. and a truck load of others.

congrats to peter berghoef for his pushcart nomination!

more later.

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