Monday, November 24, 2008

Corduroy Mtn. First Print is hitting the printer this week. i'm going to hammer this thing out. thee will be 40 made. each person who has a poem in it will get a free copy! it will be a mixture of a chapbook and broadsheets with crazy, individually hand stamped covers. once the 40 copies are sold out, the works will move to the site. crazy!

artist copies of ryan daley's chapbooks will be in the mail tomorrow. once he gets em, they'll then be available to the public!

next batch will include books by becca klaver, kathryn regina, and brooklyn copeland. i hope i just spelled their names right. i'll apologize if i didn't. i'm tired and too lazy to fact check.

i saw my first face-eating senior citizen in satin celtics jacket today while clapping along to christmas songs on the radio. it was both endearing and a bit unsettling. he was leering at me the entire time. i thought about giving him the "what's up head-nod" but chose not too. i love lancaster massachusetts and the denizens of rte 117. godspeed.

i only work four days this week.

on the distant but still sooner than later horizon are books by zachary schomburg and colin bassett as well as a reprint of shane jones' chap. and a truck load of others.

congrats to peter berghoef for his pushcart nomination!

more later.

Friday, November 21, 2008

attn: people who record stuff.
we're doing this now. really!

i've been saving up.
i'm also looking for writers who'd want to record themselves reading one of their poems or parts of their prose. it would be cool to do an audio anthology. we can finally put a voice to an anonymous internet persona. if interested, please follow the linkage.

production on daley's book are three quarters done. artist copies will be in the mail this weekend and should be available to the public by this time next week. get excited!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the doobie brothers: aka:

    the doobs
    doobs comma the
    brothers doobie
    brothers doobs
    the doobies
    doob bros
    bro doobs
    doobie bruthas
    doobie dudes
    do b. bros
    chicago lite

Monday, November 17, 2008

Update #111608

daley's chapbooks are looking good. i will post some pics when aimee gets back with the good camera. they should be done this week sometime. i got a bit sidetracked with the weird weather, the looking at books, and the national football league. the book fair was a let down. not sure how i will put a positive spin on it for the work newsletter. nothing all that interesting to look at. it seemed like a giant yardsale. granted, i went on the last day. i will work that angle for the newsletter.

i was too bored to eat copious amounts of hot dogs. i didn't really need another t-shirt. instead i bought a sandwich and went home and finished watching Ace In The Hole starring kirk douglas. it was a very good movie once i got over my "your son was that guy from basic instinct and that movie with madonna where she poured hot wax on his naughty bits" syndrome. once i got past that, i was able to sit back and enjoy the film. with an italian submarine sandwich.

i have a poem up at the If Poetry Journal.

office paper cutting party dj set list:

    sightings - end times
    fiery furnaces - remember
    rolling stones - beggars banquet
    denis leary - no cure for cancer
    sharon jones & the dap kings - naturally
    roxy music - for your pleasure
    strapping fielhands - wattle & daub
    pavement - wowee zowee

Friday, November 14, 2008

just received an advance copy of Jesse Ball's "The Way Through Doors"
i will alternate between reading this and the monkey wrench gang.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

ryan daley's chapbooks should all be printed and bound by the end of the weekend. after that i'll be doing a quick reprint of shane jones' chap. then there'll be a whole heaping mound of awesome books by the likes of becca klaver, kathryn regina, zachary schomburg and more! hooray for heaping mounds!

corduroy mtn: the print issue, is all formated. just casually waiting its proper slot in the print queue! hooray, also, for proper queue slots!

for all ya'll in the boston area, this weekend is the antiquarian book fair at the hynes convention center. i will be going on sunday. I will most likely be the one wearing a Spikes t-shirt as i plan on doing the Spikes hot dog challenge beforehand. I believe you need to eat at least six to be in the hot dog club, thereby fulfilling the necessary requirements for a t-shirt. maybe its five. i can definitely do five dogs. i'm shooting for seven. no condiments. and free mountain dew refills. maybe i will do this afterwards so i don't do a lateral hot dog toss all over someone's leather-bound manuscripts.

be sure to check out the debut issue of Sir! Magazine. its going to be huge. if you see brian on the street, shake his hands. both of them.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ryan daley's "A Border Looks Like Making Love" is being printed before my eyes as i type this!

the paper.

so far things are going smooth.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Corduroy Mtn. is now online!
the original print issue will be completed in a couple o'weeks!

the address on this changed so update your links accordingly.

new stuff added daily, for the most part.

Monday, November 03, 2008

updated Greying Ghost site. added a few new titles to the upcoming list.

also, after talking to various folks, i'm toying with the idea of making Corduroy Mtn an online journal. the first issue would remain a print journal. and the Mtn would then become something where people would send material and i'd post it w/ a date and time. no issues except for a yearly best-of issue. i've gotten a ton of ridiculously amazing material thus far. and i'd rather make that stuff available sooner rather than have to sit on it. this way i can concentrate my efforts on the Ghost.

also, if you've sent something to the ghost or to the mtn, and you haven't received a response yet, tuesday will be the day i get caught up on all that. somethings i've just been reading and re-reading...

ideas? input?

today was an official day off. no press work. no writing. no reading. went to the cape. well, we mostly took 28 to wood's hole. i watched some boats come to port. above is a photo of me as a giant, stepping on several small children.

tomorrow, back to the grind. ryan daley's chapbook enters the printing phase along with becca klaver's. sent off the first proof of The Pond to zach schomburg. a few things to redo, as was expected. in the coming week we'll be going over some packaging ideas and get this beauty hammered home. i might have some reprinted copies of shane jones' book by the end of next week.

this weekend i also got the new thomas hummel chap from these amazing folks. i'm about half way into it. ya'll should go buy a copy. now. NOW.

the cape was great. the entire car ride i thought about my next writing project. got a few poems stewing in a cauldron.

more little projects in the works. get ready. or hold on. i'd like a dog someday.