Friday, October 24, 2008

update #102408

got the cover paper for ryan daley's and becca klaver's chapbooks in the mail today, completely un-bent which, to me, seemed a minor miracle. i have an idea to hand paint the covers which may or may not work. it is important to try, i feel. daley's chapbook will have paper made from old brown grocery bags. both chaps should be done by mid november.

i am posting from work, which seems illegal. or like cheating. as though this will be one of THOSE blogs where i detail the minutia of my afternoons. but it is very slow here at work, and i think i'm going bat-shit crazy just sitting here. i have already aggressively hand-sold two books. this has wiped me out. and now i hear Rich and his bags coming down the stairs. i need to go and prep for his reeking body odor, which is akin to a combo of stale pepsi, sweat, jovan musk, and the inner workings of an antelope's ass. him and his bags. somebody better hose me down afterwards.

you know you're crazy when the equally crazy guy behind you in line comments about how crazy you are.

i'm writing a work related newsletter of sorts here

i'm going to go buy a sandwich.

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