Wednesday, October 15, 2008

update #101408

started working on the next batch of books which will include chaps by Ryan Daley, Becca Klaver, and Corduroy Mtn #1.
if time allows, i'll be printing up some more copies of s. jones' and p. berghoef's books. my plan is to crank things in the next couple of months, save up some money, and maybe experiment with some different formats in the future. i.e. poetry cassettes and hand binding. more to come.

all orders have been packed and will be in the mailbox tomorrow morning.

i went to this restaurant tonight where they give you a hot towel after eating.
i felt like i'd won some sort of contest. i get this feeling when i fly first class, too.


i shaved off my beard again. man, what a wasted opportunity that hot towel was.
just my hands and my arms got the hot towel treatment tonight. next time i might
just take my shirt off. i think that move is called a "hoboken scrub"



peter b. said...

I could dig on some cassette poetry.

I have also heard that move called a "canadian shower"

aimee said...

Hoboken Scrub is just what my mom calls it, having lived in Hoboken in her formidible years.


annarummo said...

there's also the Hillbilly Bubble Bath. which is the move where you wash your entire upper body using a sink in a gas station bathroom. preferably, at a kum 'n go.

eunuch said...

take me to the place that give you "the hobo bath"

peter b. said...

you know I actually got the canadian shower thing from my mom too. this strikes me as mysterious.

annarummo said...

nothing like a nice hoboken scrub after droppin a deuce.