Thursday, October 02, 2008

tooting the office horn

be sure to check out htmlgiant. there's even a very kind shout to the greying ghost! perusing the site is readily becoming a morning ritual. the writing/reviews/interviews are both fair and illuminating.

also be sure to check out the emerging writers network. dan from dzanc books has set up a variety of panels in which he asks publishers of all ilk and creed questions pertaining to the publishing world. i was asked to take part in the chapbook panel which i feel a little awkward about since the other presses on the panel have me beat by far. don't get me wrong, it rules to be a part of something like that. but man, have you bought a book from kitchen press lately? awesome. get to it. pronto.

there will also be a spotlight on the greying ghost shown from the mighty halogens of the NOO Journal (issue 9?). there will be some sort of interview and some reviews of chapbooks.


the fugs!

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Mike Young said...

the spotlight will actually be in issue 10, but it will be a luscious and very bright spotlight