Saturday, October 25, 2008


where to begin with this video? i like the part where they descend from a fiery liquid supernova and piss glitter which can build bridges and rainbows. that is cool stuff.

i also think this video was groundbreaking. in that it was the first video to say to hell with the song. these insane sound effects are where its at. or maybe it shown to a test group and they all said i could sort of feel the song. i think if there were more laser sounds and explosions, i'd feel it a little more. and then added some effects and then went back to the test group, and the group said yeah, still having some trouble feeling it. perhaps when they piss a rainbow there could be some muffled alarm and then some phaser noises. and then after that was finished, the group, for a third time watched the video, and then said probably should've warned you before hand that our hearing is pretty much shot. we can't hear a lick of anything, really. were those lasers? you should add more lasers. but you're probably asking the wrong group of people. we're the braille test crew really. we thought this would be an exciting change of pace. our bad. but by then the deadline was nearing so the director said that's a wrap. i don't care. that's a wrap.

from wikipedia: "The song again rose to prominence when in 2006, psycho-illusionist Derren Brown used the song along with various other psychological motivators to convince a group of 4 people to each commit a bank robbery by their own free will."

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