Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Adam Fieled's Help is now available! they can be had HERE.

i'd like to thank laura and adam for their patience and obviously for the incredible writing i was so privileged to read and put into book form. such good people and poets.

office ambience:

    Return of The Jedi - Story Book LP
    Queen - A Day At The Races LP
    Dead Machines - Dead End On Olson Street LP
    Muddy Waters/Bo Diddley/ Little Walter - Super Blues

the RotJ record is amazing. imagine watching a 2hr movie in just under 40 minutes with a professional voice-over actor giving the play by play, with an occasional chewy grunt. i wish i could speak huttese like jabba. also, when i buy a house, i am installing a saarlak pit in the backyard. that way, when someone gets all up in my face at a bar-b-q or if i accidentally break something of sentimental value to my wife i can just toss whomever or whatever into said saarlak pit. that would be pretty bad ass. or if someone at the local bar wanted to fight i could say "not ready for power are you! see you in the pit I will!" and it will be on like donkey kong.


aimee said...

Targets are made to hit - you think I give a shit?!
Yo' momma is a bitch, I'll see you in the Sarlacc Pit -MC Chris

annarummo said...

lets go to Bennigans.

aimee said...

buffet plate debate?