Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008


where to begin with this video? i like the part where they descend from a fiery liquid supernova and piss glitter which can build bridges and rainbows. that is cool stuff.

i also think this video was groundbreaking. in that it was the first video to say to hell with the song. these insane sound effects are where its at. or maybe it shown to a test group and they all said i could sort of feel the song. i think if there were more laser sounds and explosions, i'd feel it a little more. and then added some effects and then went back to the test group, and the group said yeah, still having some trouble feeling it. perhaps when they piss a rainbow there could be some muffled alarm and then some phaser noises. and then after that was finished, the group, for a third time watched the video, and then said probably should've warned you before hand that our hearing is pretty much shot. we can't hear a lick of anything, really. were those lasers? you should add more lasers. but you're probably asking the wrong group of people. we're the braille test crew really. we thought this would be an exciting change of pace. our bad. but by then the deadline was nearing so the director said that's a wrap. i don't care. that's a wrap.

from wikipedia: "The song again rose to prominence when in 2006, psycho-illusionist Derren Brown used the song along with various other psychological motivators to convince a group of 4 people to each commit a bank robbery by their own free will."

Friday, October 24, 2008

update #102408

got the cover paper for ryan daley's and becca klaver's chapbooks in the mail today, completely un-bent which, to me, seemed a minor miracle. i have an idea to hand paint the covers which may or may not work. it is important to try, i feel. daley's chapbook will have paper made from old brown grocery bags. both chaps should be done by mid november.

i am posting from work, which seems illegal. or like cheating. as though this will be one of THOSE blogs where i detail the minutia of my afternoons. but it is very slow here at work, and i think i'm going bat-shit crazy just sitting here. i have already aggressively hand-sold two books. this has wiped me out. and now i hear Rich and his bags coming down the stairs. i need to go and prep for his reeking body odor, which is akin to a combo of stale pepsi, sweat, jovan musk, and the inner workings of an antelope's ass. him and his bags. somebody better hose me down afterwards.

you know you're crazy when the equally crazy guy behind you in line comments about how crazy you are.

i'm writing a work related newsletter of sorts here

i'm going to go buy a sandwich.

Friday, October 17, 2008


There’s an ambler in the atrium.
Have him finished, gentlemenly.
Yes, no more jackets for his wife.
American minutes aren’t that cold.
Make sure he doesn’t vouch things.
You mean these time cards? Yes.
There’s no gambler in the atrium.
An American translating vacuums.
Occasionally, something is lost.
It was as if I said what I meant.

    { fr. notebook

top notch debate analysis | HERE

Thursday, October 16, 2008

google search terms that have (apparently) lead people to this blog:

    "things to do with infants"
    "best wrestler names"
    "kendra malone"
    "from the internet to a luddhite"
    "bun deflector"

got a poem accepted over at lamination colony. this is very exciting. it won't be up for awhile, i assume. but when it does, i'll be celebratin'

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

update #101408

started working on the next batch of books which will include chaps by Ryan Daley, Becca Klaver, and Corduroy Mtn #1.
if time allows, i'll be printing up some more copies of s. jones' and p. berghoef's books. my plan is to crank things in the next couple of months, save up some money, and maybe experiment with some different formats in the future. i.e. poetry cassettes and hand binding. more to come.

all orders have been packed and will be in the mailbox tomorrow morning.

i went to this restaurant tonight where they give you a hot towel after eating.
i felt like i'd won some sort of contest. i get this feeling when i fly first class, too.


i shaved off my beard again. man, what a wasted opportunity that hot towel was.
just my hands and my arms got the hot towel treatment tonight. next time i might
just take my shirt off. i think that move is called a "hoboken scrub"


Sunday, October 12, 2008

peter berghoef's News of the Haircut has done sold out!
reprint possibly in the works.

Friday, October 10, 2008


i've finalized the lineup. if you got a "yes" email from me, you are in this issue. if you haven't heard from me (if you sent stuff, say, this afternoon), you are in the "Mtn. #2 Folder". so hold your horses. or if you're in jail, or you're in jail and you sent stuff, or if you sent stuff, then got picked up on a narcotics charge, my advice to you would be to be patient. this applies to both your submissions and to your particular sentence. now, go back to making license plates or lifting weights. kidding.

here's the lineup for the debut issue:

it will also be a package deal, so included will be an ERIC AMLING broadside, and a mini JAMES IREDELL chapbook or pamphlet.

if you've had something accepted and i've left your name out, let me know asap.

as far as a release date, i can't say for certain. i'll be doing a little bit each week on top of other projects.
so please, like an inmate, be patient.

updates on progress to follow!

got two books in the mail today. end notebook by geoffrey olsen and dokument by catherine meng. they were published by the awesome folks at petrichord books over in cambridge. can't wait to read these and any/all future releases. i trust them.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Adam Fieled's Help is now available! they can be had HERE.

i'd like to thank laura and adam for their patience and obviously for the incredible writing i was so privileged to read and put into book form. such good people and poets.

office ambience:

    Return of The Jedi - Story Book LP
    Queen - A Day At The Races LP
    Dead Machines - Dead End On Olson Street LP
    Muddy Waters/Bo Diddley/ Little Walter - Super Blues

the RotJ record is amazing. imagine watching a 2hr movie in just under 40 minutes with a professional voice-over actor giving the play by play, with an occasional chewy grunt. i wish i could speak huttese like jabba. also, when i buy a house, i am installing a saarlak pit in the backyard. that way, when someone gets all up in my face at a bar-b-q or if i accidentally break something of sentimental value to my wife i can just toss whomever or whatever into said saarlak pit. that would be pretty bad ass. or if someone at the local bar wanted to fight i could say "not ready for power are you! see you in the pit I will!" and it will be on like donkey kong.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Laura Carter's chapbook At The Pulse is now available | order HERE

let me know of the paypal button doesn't work. they had a new system and it was a bit fuzzy to figure out.

Friday, October 03, 2008

shane jones's I Will Unfold You With My Hairy Hands is Sold Out!
more will be printed up possibly, i'll need to check on that.

peter berghoef snagged the last copy.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

author copies of adam fieled's and laura carter's chaps are in the mail.
once they get em, i'll throw them up on the airforce joyride site.

the two books came out looking beautiful. both different in terms of style.
get as excited as me.

tooting the office horn

be sure to check out htmlgiant. there's even a very kind shout to the greying ghost! perusing the site is readily becoming a morning ritual. the writing/reviews/interviews are both fair and illuminating.

also be sure to check out the emerging writers network. dan from dzanc books has set up a variety of panels in which he asks publishers of all ilk and creed questions pertaining to the publishing world. i was asked to take part in the chapbook panel which i feel a little awkward about since the other presses on the panel have me beat by far. don't get me wrong, it rules to be a part of something like that. but man, have you bought a book from kitchen press lately? awesome. get to it. pronto.

there will also be a spotlight on the greying ghost shown from the mighty halogens of the NOO Journal (issue 9?). there will be some sort of interview and some reviews of chapbooks.


the fugs!