Thursday, September 25, 2008

update #092408

ha! all orders have been shipped! double ha! Laura Carter's At The Pulse is finished. just need to finish a few broadsides. the same is true for Adam Fieled's Help. i will get these done completely and will have artist's copies out by sunday night or monday morning. stay tuned as i will have official word and ordering info when time is appropriate.

also in production are a few broadsides of a poem that i wrote for The Long Halucinations which is sold out but will be back in print this winter! mark your calendars or blackberry or whatever. also, while cleaning out the office for our yard sale, i found a story i wrote back in the sixth grade entitled "A Strange Man, A Strange Man". this story involves a man jumping through a window only to instantly become covered in bloodsucking spiders. there is also a lot of unintentional stereotypying going on between the head detective Pierre and a foreigner named "Ramon". this story takes place in Paris by the way. this story also involves a man who wears all black except for a peach-colored scarf. and Pierre's named is spelled "Pier" which i will just assume was supposed to be "Pierre". i will also finally correct the spelling mistakes sixteen years later.

this will be in chapbook form, and will be cheap. i would also suggest that don't expect this story to be nominated for a pushcart going in. its more of a funny ha-ha sort of thing. well, at least to me.

pictures to come!

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