Thursday, August 07, 2008

you'll never beat tomorrow in a foot race

updated the 'soon to be released' list of chapbooks for the ghost. the list is not in any sort of order. they all got me excited. there will be another book by a guy named peter. i am cornering the market on peter poets. also finished re-reading this 'script by jamie iredell which will blow your mind up. also re-read "i am in the air right now" by kathryn regina which will also reek of awesomeness.

i've been on a press-vacation the past week. it was an excellent week. did a lot of reading and watched some pretty awful television. namely this show on ABC where this ass-clown with a 'wowzer!"-voice holds a camcorder while townsfolk repair the homes of families who suffer in unique ways. in this case, the children of the homeowners were lethally allergic to temperatures over 75 degrees. they got to have their house turned into a temp-regulated palace complete with a bowling alley and ice cream lounge. this angered me at first. but the children seemed to take to it so then i because quite overjoyed. this may or may not been the case.

i also spent a better part of an afternoon previewing songs in itunes then systematically talking myself out of purchasing said tracks. instead i bought a font online. i also started reading cormac mccarthy's border trilogy "for reals" as the kids say. oh, i finally started using my package which i signed up for ages ago. i can now watch baseball games on my computer. blackout rules apply which means i can't watch the red sox live but i can watch the archived game immediately after the conclusion of the live game. this will all come in handy when i'm cutting paper at 4am. last night i watched the cardinals beat the dodgers in the bottom of the eleventh inning. walk-off home run.

then i turned out the light on my desk and went to bed.

tomorrow i get to work on laura carter and adam fieled's chapbooks and broadsides. will proof read the drafts and clean up any layout issues. should be printing by next week!


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