Sunday, August 03, 2008

update #080308

you can now let shane jones unfold you with his hairy hands!
chapbooks are available! more info HERE

the writing of shane jones is an enticing elixir culled from the ingredients of our dreams. they will stick to the electrical synapses of our brains like literary biscuits and gravy. if an at-peace jim thompson were to somehow mate with a rollercoaster, this chapbook would eat their baby.

but don't take my work for it:

"Strange and "really important sentences" make up Shane Jones' collection of stories. They are stylistically and conceptually daring, but what draws me to them is the big-heartedness that lies underneath the casual surface. You will feel a little pang in your heart when you read about the Hair Monster and his girlfriend." - Matthew Rohrer

"Shane Jones is writing from a hole he fell into a few years ago. He broke his legs and finally built a typewriter out of his leg bones. His stories are lovely and sincere and nightmarish. He gives us his whole heart and lets us laugh at it to make it beat. It's the saddest and funniest thing." - Zachary Schomburg

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