Thursday, August 21, 2008

things to do before i turn 30

stay up for 24hrs, visit maine, ride on the back of a cherry picker, ride in the back of a pick up truck, visit a mountain, take a picture of a mountain, walk away from a mountain, crash a riding lawnmower, buy a push mower and wait until the neighbor uses his excessively large gas mower for his 8'x2' front lawn, wipe my brow on a hot day and say "whew!", ride local buses in order of their route number, visit vermont, visit the canadian border, sell things i don't need/use, learn how to cook a steak, eat more steak, hang out the neighborhood bar, fall asleep outside, ride on the back of a UPS truck, get all up in someone's face, visit various salems, learn how to cook rice properly, quit eating donuts for awhile, drink something fancy like a local micro-crew, ride in the back of a vintage camaro, ride in a limo, ride in a military jeep, speak fluent spanish to someone, see a whale, ride a boat, fire a handgun, learn to throw a football in a tight spiral, karaoke joplin, buy a new shirt, witness a fist-fight, give someone a decent bit of advice, visit stone zoo, witness a slap fight, witness a demolition derby, read a book about outer space, organize tax records, hold a crossbow at a wal mart, go to a jazz club, walk to work, swing a chain menacingly, and brandish an axe but not in a menacing manner. in that order.

i'v been reading a manuscript of poems that brandon scott gorell sent me. he is a force to be reckoned with.

postage for a chapbook went from $1.85 to $2.36 in less that two weeks. i asked three different postal clerks at three different post offices as to "what was up" with that and i got three different answers! one said something about higher overhead costs in the public postal sector, another said something about their accounting situation being "all wonky" and another simply said "fuck if i know. i'm only here part time."

i would like to add "visit public postal sector" to my list of things to do before i turn 30.


b. said...

when do you turn 30?

46 days for me.

learn how to cook a steak, eat more steak

a very good goal!

ArtSparker said...

I found the blog below this A.M. - I have to warn you, I came close to taking up residency.

I hope you do a youtube of

1) microcrew swallowing (I think there was a movie in the sixties about people in a little submarine in someone's bloodstream)

2) brandishing an axe non-menacingly.

sandrasimonds said...

maine is nice