Monday, August 11, 2008

i will begin printing up laura's and adam's chapbooks by the end of the week. can't wait to get these into people's hands.

also made some broadsides for them two. laura's is a hand stamped 5x7 deal and adam's is a folded pamphlet sort of number. both will be red hot. like a thin lizzy bridge.

god damn eno-era roxy music!
the last 1:50 of this clip is terrific.


brooklyn said...

Oh my gosh. I almost put this on my blog the other day. I've watched this video so many times over the past two years. My favorite isn't the last part of it, but the first part, when Bryan Ferry is, like, having expression-sex with the camera, all half-lidded and toothy. Yum.

Lars Palm said...

thought you might like to know i just published adam's rubber soul as an e-chap on ungovernable press