Saturday, August 30, 2008

update #082908

"Book design is a process so transparent and anonymous that one sometimes wonders whether it exists at all. It's a negative quantity: a book is well-designed to the extent that it is not badly designed, rather like the preferred porridge in Goldilocks and The Three Bears that was not too hot and not too cold but just right. Confronted by such lack of definition, the designer must sometimes have doubts, and then it helps to consider the books of the past." - Richard Hendel On Book Design


all mail orders have been shipped!


this labor day weekend, you should head over to your local bookstore and pick up a cope of Dzanc Book's Best of The Web. There is a lot of great writing in that. Buy it even if only for Chris Rizzo's poem Zone which is seriously worth your time and coin.


today i met my first ever Lloyd.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

things to do before i turn 30

stay up for 24hrs, visit maine, ride on the back of a cherry picker, ride in the back of a pick up truck, visit a mountain, take a picture of a mountain, walk away from a mountain, crash a riding lawnmower, buy a push mower and wait until the neighbor uses his excessively large gas mower for his 8'x2' front lawn, wipe my brow on a hot day and say "whew!", ride local buses in order of their route number, visit vermont, visit the canadian border, sell things i don't need/use, learn how to cook a steak, eat more steak, hang out the neighborhood bar, fall asleep outside, ride on the back of a UPS truck, get all up in someone's face, visit various salems, learn how to cook rice properly, quit eating donuts for awhile, drink something fancy like a local micro-crew, ride in the back of a vintage camaro, ride in a limo, ride in a military jeep, speak fluent spanish to someone, see a whale, ride a boat, fire a handgun, learn to throw a football in a tight spiral, karaoke joplin, buy a new shirt, witness a fist-fight, give someone a decent bit of advice, visit stone zoo, witness a slap fight, witness a demolition derby, read a book about outer space, organize tax records, hold a crossbow at a wal mart, go to a jazz club, walk to work, swing a chain menacingly, and brandish an axe but not in a menacing manner. in that order.

i'v been reading a manuscript of poems that brandon scott gorell sent me. he is a force to be reckoned with.

postage for a chapbook went from $1.85 to $2.36 in less that two weeks. i asked three different postal clerks at three different post offices as to "what was up" with that and i got three different answers! one said something about higher overhead costs in the public postal sector, another said something about their accounting situation being "all wonky" and another simply said "fuck if i know. i'm only here part time."

i would like to add "visit public postal sector" to my list of things to do before i turn 30.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

supplies up for grabs

doing a bit of office cleaning. below are some items which i don't have any use for. if something grabs your eye, let me know by emailing me at "oldwesty at gmail dot com". lets work out a trade. i accept comic books and classic rock cassettes.

Epson Yellow Ink Cartridge (TO444) Still Sealed.
a box of roughly 200+ envelopes size 2.25" X 3.50"
ten sheets of printer-friendly cassette labels
1 Roll of Black 4-Ply Linen Bookbinding Thread

there might be more once i clean out the paper cabinet.

Monday, August 18, 2008

dr hook and the medicine show

flight of the conchords

the mighty boosh

title page to adam fieled's chapbook. the cover will have roughly the same image but in color. yes, i do this all in word. no, i am not too lazy to learn indesign but enough to keep deciding that i should stick with word. this will change once i become a little more less lazy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

everyone should go over and check out the cupboard. they have a pamphlet series and the first one, having been written by jesse ball, who, coincidentally, is easily one of the top five writers today, has penned the first one. can't wait to see what this series churns out in the future. go go go go go. now.

Monday, August 11, 2008

i will begin printing up laura's and adam's chapbooks by the end of the week. can't wait to get these into people's hands.

also made some broadsides for them two. laura's is a hand stamped 5x7 deal and adam's is a folded pamphlet sort of number. both will be red hot. like a thin lizzy bridge.

god damn eno-era roxy music!
the last 1:50 of this clip is terrific.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

shane jones. goodreads. dig it.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

you'll never beat tomorrow in a foot race

updated the 'soon to be released' list of chapbooks for the ghost. the list is not in any sort of order. they all got me excited. there will be another book by a guy named peter. i am cornering the market on peter poets. also finished re-reading this 'script by jamie iredell which will blow your mind up. also re-read "i am in the air right now" by kathryn regina which will also reek of awesomeness.

i've been on a press-vacation the past week. it was an excellent week. did a lot of reading and watched some pretty awful television. namely this show on ABC where this ass-clown with a 'wowzer!"-voice holds a camcorder while townsfolk repair the homes of families who suffer in unique ways. in this case, the children of the homeowners were lethally allergic to temperatures over 75 degrees. they got to have their house turned into a temp-regulated palace complete with a bowling alley and ice cream lounge. this angered me at first. but the children seemed to take to it so then i because quite overjoyed. this may or may not been the case.

i also spent a better part of an afternoon previewing songs in itunes then systematically talking myself out of purchasing said tracks. instead i bought a font online. i also started reading cormac mccarthy's border trilogy "for reals" as the kids say. oh, i finally started using my package which i signed up for ages ago. i can now watch baseball games on my computer. blackout rules apply which means i can't watch the red sox live but i can watch the archived game immediately after the conclusion of the live game. this will all come in handy when i'm cutting paper at 4am. last night i watched the cardinals beat the dodgers in the bottom of the eleventh inning. walk-off home run.

then i turned out the light on my desk and went to bed.

tomorrow i get to work on laura carter and adam fieled's chapbooks and broadsides. will proof read the drafts and clean up any layout issues. should be printing by next week!


Monday, August 04, 2008

the corduroy mtn lineup is almost final. a few more last minute decisions are to be made.
also read some great manuscripts this afternoon. more info to come.

my wife won me a harmonica yesterday playing arcade games.
this brings my won-harmonica total to a whopping eight.

her arcade-battle name is "white taco"

Sunday, August 03, 2008

update #080308

you can now let shane jones unfold you with his hairy hands!
chapbooks are available! more info HERE

the writing of shane jones is an enticing elixir culled from the ingredients of our dreams. they will stick to the electrical synapses of our brains like literary biscuits and gravy. if an at-peace jim thompson were to somehow mate with a rollercoaster, this chapbook would eat their baby.

but don't take my work for it:

"Strange and "really important sentences" make up Shane Jones' collection of stories. They are stylistically and conceptually daring, but what draws me to them is the big-heartedness that lies underneath the casual surface. You will feel a little pang in your heart when you read about the Hair Monster and his girlfriend." - Matthew Rohrer

"Shane Jones is writing from a hole he fell into a few years ago. He broke his legs and finally built a typewriter out of his leg bones. His stories are lovely and sincere and nightmarish. He gives us his whole heart and lets us laugh at it to make it beat. It's the saddest and funniest thing." - Zachary Schomburg