Monday, July 21, 2008

update #072008

Shane's chapbook will be done either next weekend or early next week. hot a snag with the printer. ink be gone. all dried up. this is why i want a laser printer. all the paper for the covers will be cut tonight. get ready!

lightning struck a tree or a house two streets up from mine. it was the closest i've ever been to lightning. lightning also struck a tree a little bit further up as well. after the initial shock of being deafened and blinded, the whole thing was pretty awesome. luckily no one was hurt and nothing caught on fire. i like to sit by the window and watch for lightning. on the bus ride home from work i saw the dark clouds and secretly wished that "i'd see some action." then it happened. thought about playing the lottery. didn't. i also hoped a news crew from some podunk channel would show up and ask if i'd been in the shit and i'd say yes, i was in the shit. referring of course to seeing a tree struck by lightning.

after cleaning up the office i found two extra copies of peter berghoef's News of the Haircut meaning that i have exactly SIX left. so if you want one, you best get on that.

laura's and adam's chapbooks are almost formatted and should be ready sometime next month. i'll be taking a mini chapbook vacation as i get a bunch of my own poems finished and printed. these chapbooks will have broadsides.

i also read James Haug's "A Plan On How To Catch Amanda".
it is one of the best things i've read in a long, long while.
you can order it here


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