Tuesday, July 15, 2008

update #071508

shane's chapbooks are in the process of being printed up as i type this. i'm trying a new approach where i print up each page in batches rather than each set individually at once. what? nevermind. tonight, with my stimulus check, i might invest in a laser printer. something insane with a ppm of 30. this excites me.

the broadsides for laura carter's chapbook are half complete. they will come with the first 20 orders.
the same will be true for adam fieled's.

current office listening lineup:

    buffalo springfield - best of
    brian eno - here come the warm jets
    gate to gate - i turn black keys
    calexico - convict pool
    funkadelic - maggot brain
    pavement - terror twilight
    bruce haack - electric lucifer

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