Tuesday, July 01, 2008

lookout mtn lookout sea

bought the new silver jews record on saturday after work. the more i listen to it, the more i love it. it feels more classic rock. i'm a huge fan of classic rock. but calling it classic rock might seem like a backhanded compliment. i assure you, it is not a backhanded compliment. this is a damn good album. albums like this make me want to move to the eastern part of the midwest again. after the third listen, i wrote a poem about a bunch of kids stranded on a hillside watching their town be towed away. in the poem, there are several reports of brawls. here's my list of favorite joos records in order of greatness:

    bright flight
    the tennessee ep
    lookout mtn lookout sea
    natural bridge
    american water
    starlite walker
    arizona record
    tanglewood numbers


Eunuchsblues said...

That is a controversial list. Sorry I forgot to make you a copy of this album, but its good to own.

carlos said...

i know its a sin not to have natural bridge number one. but i have great memories associated with bright flight. and the malkmus albums are mostly known for the incredible lyrics then the songs themselves. and tanglewood was the rehab album. rehab albums never work. LMLS is the first SJs record where everyone involved seems content to laugh at a bunch of shit. i predict laughter will be big in the second half of '08.

i got my silver jews tickets today. september 8th. middle east downstairs.

peter b. said...

yeah that record is rad

becca said...

Call the party barge! I wholeheartedly support this ranking.