Friday, July 11, 2008

The Long Hallucinations* Chapbook is SOLD OUT!
a second printing will be done up in the fall!

thanks to all who ordered!

( *the last one is going to canada.
way to come trough canada! remind
me to make an ascii text map of
canada, to thank canada. canada!)

still have a handful left of Peter B's
and Chris R's and Brian F's.

thanks again for everyone's support
and curiosity! yes.

next batch will be keeping up with the Jones'. Shane Jones BRINGS IT for lunch with these tykes of his. Then there will be Laura Carter's At The Pulse and Adam Fieled's Help! both of which will have some sort of broadside available for the first few orders. More on their awesomeness when time allows. I am going to go sleep.


Matthew said...

Does this mean the order I made Thursday night was too late? Or is everything good? I'm the Maine one.

carlos said...

matt, you are good! you got the second to last one.

peter b. said...

and i totally snagged a brian F.