Monday, June 09, 2008


if you are reading this and you came out to the poetry reading tonight, give yourself some applause. the reading went great. everyone brought their A game. gave a bunch of books away which seems sort of smarmy, yes, i agree. but whatever. they're all way better poets and in some cases traveled from afar so hell, have some extra reading material! in all, it was great to meet everyone and we had a good crowd and free beer, that's all a man could ask for.

i have a few extra copies of The Long Hallucinations which i'll throw up on the Joyride on tuesday.

also, i found this zach schomburg poem while going through the old pettycoat relaxer archives:

    Letter to the Late Baron

    Thanks for the lung. It's working beautifully. It's the other I worry about now. But none the less, I left the house for the first time since October i got a haircut, picked up a few items. The haircut follows me in my dreams, wants to kill me, chases me off cliffs and what not. I couldn't sleep so I dug a tunnel in my backyard and at the end of it was a country western bar. I've been visiting religiously since. It's the loneliest place I've ever been. Instead of a jukebox, they have an aquarium of sorts there filled entirely with ghosts that are released to fill voids. I'll sit in the bar's darkest corner with my beers and wear a lampshade. Crack some walnuts. Crack some walnuts with my new claw.

i think the new corduroy mtn. will be a mix of old pettycoat poems and new stuff people have sent.
i'll try and hunt down those that were in PR and get their ok first.

more info later


b. said...

way to go, carl.

黃立行Paul said...

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