Tuesday, June 24, 2008


a friend of mine asked me to describe the overall goal of my press. i replied, "its like Scatman Crothers in The Shining. It might not be the most visible or sexy, but in the end, it'll show up out of nowhere on a snowmobile, kick in the front door and get knifed by a crazy guy...while wearing a very nice sweater."

after a last minute touch up, i'll be sending out Bramhall's Walden artist copies. when he gets em, i'll put em up on the joyride. i'm very proud of this book. the writing is exceptional. they'll come with map covers and in hand stamped envelopes.

i'm also making pocket sized notebooks out of scrap paper, and they will be available also soon. in packs of five. they too will have hand stamped covers. all will be various sizes. its called riding the green wave.

foley's tornado is about a week away. everything is printed out just need to staple and whip up some envelopes.

expect some broadsides soon too.


Ryan said...

I like knowing that my poems are going to kick in the door and get knifed.

peter b. said...

that is way hot

triptych trencher said...

i was going to also say "like scatman crothers in cuckoos nest" but saying the press would be rendered unemployed after being seduced by booze and hookers probably wouldn't gone over too well.

Kathryn said...

you are funny.

i am excited for brian's chapbook. also for pocket sized notebooks and broadsides. i like both of those things.