Saturday, June 28, 2008

greying ghost update/ peter criss content

brian foley's chapbook is now available!
you can order it | HERE

a better image will be uploaded once it
ceases to be over 90 degrees in my apartment.
in the meantime, you get a fuzzy and
colorless image of the cover. sorry.

on a side note, i have VERY FEW copies of
peter berghoef's and Christopher RIzzo's
Chapbooks left. I mean, very few. i mean,
you wouldn't want to spend your fourth of
july pissing around because you got a bad
case of the "s'posed tas" [ "supposed to " ]
now would you?

me? i'll be working. then i'll go home,
order a steak, watch a movie, then read
the hell out of peter's and chris's books.
followed by fireworks. on tv.

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