Monday, June 23, 2008

foley, cats, and new age moms

i moved my desk in front of the window. now when i look up i get to see the people across the street lounge on their sofa and watch tv. they have very big windows for a house that size. they are almost floor to ceiling. i suppose i will have to install some curtains or tint my window now. here is what the cover to brian foley's chapbook. i think i will stick with the green. the office cat, looking regal, reaffirms by first instinct. the neighbors across the street are very interesting to watch. they have a lot of new-age stuff. very seductive lighting. the guy on the top floor wears muscle shirts and listens to hip hop. thankfully he has just installed an air conditioner so i won't feel compelled to watch him smoke grass in his room while his new age mom watches tv downstairs. more on this family as news develops.


shanna said...

our cats could be twins

aimee said...

you neglected to mention that at least once a week, at around 2:30 in the morning, the kid in the muscle shirt will piss in a coffee can in front of his friends.

Let me clarify. He goes UPSTAIRS, gets a coffee can, brings it back downstairs and pisses in it in front of his friends.