Sunday, June 29, 2008

saturday night LP lineup

    judas priest - hell bent for leather
    quicksilver mssr service - best of
    dylan thomas - christmas in wales reading
    alice cooper - school's out
    hospitals - hairdryer peace
    the monks - black monk time

Saturday, June 28, 2008

greying ghost update/ peter criss content

brian foley's chapbook is now available!
you can order it | HERE

a better image will be uploaded once it
ceases to be over 90 degrees in my apartment.
in the meantime, you get a fuzzy and
colorless image of the cover. sorry.

on a side note, i have VERY FEW copies of
peter berghoef's and Christopher RIzzo's
Chapbooks left. I mean, very few. i mean,
you wouldn't want to spend your fourth of
july pissing around because you got a bad
case of the "s'posed tas" [ "supposed to " ]
now would you?

me? i'll be working. then i'll go home,
order a steak, watch a movie, then read
the hell out of peter's and chris's books.
followed by fireworks. on tv.

this is my desktop wallpaper.
i find this sort of stuff funny.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

like the wonka golden ticket...

these are #74 & #75 of brian james foley's Tornado chapbook. they have special covers made from discarded album covers. they are different from the other 73. they might be signed. they will be randomly mailed to two lucky people who order the chapbook! speaking of the chapbook, i just need to stamp the envelopes and then they're good to go. most likely by monday they should be done. get ready, kids!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


a friend of mine asked me to describe the overall goal of my press. i replied, "its like Scatman Crothers in The Shining. It might not be the most visible or sexy, but in the end, it'll show up out of nowhere on a snowmobile, kick in the front door and get knifed by a crazy guy...while wearing a very nice sweater."

after a last minute touch up, i'll be sending out Bramhall's Walden artist copies. when he gets em, i'll put em up on the joyride. i'm very proud of this book. the writing is exceptional. they'll come with map covers and in hand stamped envelopes.

i'm also making pocket sized notebooks out of scrap paper, and they will be available also soon. in packs of five. they too will have hand stamped covers. all will be various sizes. its called riding the green wave.

foley's tornado is about a week away. everything is printed out just need to staple and whip up some envelopes.

expect some broadsides soon too.

Monday, June 23, 2008

foley, cats, and new age moms

i moved my desk in front of the window. now when i look up i get to see the people across the street lounge on their sofa and watch tv. they have very big windows for a house that size. they are almost floor to ceiling. i suppose i will have to install some curtains or tint my window now. here is what the cover to brian foley's chapbook. i think i will stick with the green. the office cat, looking regal, reaffirms by first instinct. the neighbors across the street are very interesting to watch. they have a lot of new-age stuff. very seductive lighting. the guy on the top floor wears muscle shirts and listens to hip hop. thankfully he has just installed an air conditioner so i won't feel compelled to watch him smoke grass in his room while his new age mom watches tv downstairs. more on this family as news develops.

she gets paid on friday

i am listening to records. the record player is hooked up to the vox amp. it is like being at a show. i love sundays. i've eaten ice cream today. and a cheeseburger. tonight's LP lineup:

    Joe Jackson - i am the man
    billy squier - don't say no
    devo - new traditionalists
    rolling stones - aftermath
    csny - deja vu
    thin lizzy - "life" live
    the cars - shake it up
    the who - by numbers

Saturday, June 21, 2008

you should really read this book

it is by this man

first draft of poem


To hear the box in my brother is to place his suitcase in the grand viewing room of a funeral parlor. There was a time when his strut electrified most of the Midwest. The people there wore his name on cotton. In terms of historical significance, there was the death of Pope Pius IX and then my brother’s. So for me to hear the box that’s buried in his chest I have to go back to the times he sang me an unfurled strut. He had a funny way of walking. He was born with two clubbed feet but he could still unfurl a strut. One time we drove all the way out to Iowa City on a dare. We ate Mexican food in a yellow brick building. During the drive back to Mason City he asked me if my girlfriend had a moustache. “Some girls have moustaches,” he said. “Usually you can’t tell unless you’re right up close and at an angle,” he said. “Most of the girls back home have one.” This was followed by ten continuous years of minimum payments and stints in cream auditoriums backlit by the rattlings of empty-assed hecklers. With his clubbed feet and funny way of walking he was a natural fan favorite. His prefessional name was The Widowmaker. When he died I told his wife the moustache story. Then I told everyone the moustache story. As a tribute, the women of Mason City shave their upper lips every Saturday night before heading over to the gymnasium which has since been renamed in his honor.

written in notebook 6/20

Friday, June 20, 2008

touchy customer service related rant

let me preface this rant by saying i am a used book buyer for a used book store.

the most annoying part of my day is hearing people whine when i don't buy their books. folks, if you bring in, say, two bags - roughly 50 books - and i buy, say, 25 of them, please do not smart off to me about how hard it is for you to carry the refused books back with you or to the donation drop bin located in the parking lot of a supermarket down the street. please. i understand that it is an inconvenience to you as you were hoping to amass such immense wealth from these books that smell as though they've been basting in dog piss and moth balls in the garage since the Ford administration. i completely understand your plight. but please keep in mind that:

    A: we did not substitute your books with bricks.
    B: you seemingly managed to get your book here fine
    C: we've already met our quota for piss-reeking Wally Lamb books.

for the first point, look on the bright side, your load is lighter. some of your books were indeed heavy, and i guesstimate that i might've lightened your load by a good 10 pounds. thats like taking an obese cat off your hands! or someone's head! its like i relieved you of the burden of carrying around a limb. you're welcome.

second point deals with the blatant fact that YOU SEEMINGLY MUSTERED UP THE RESOLVE TO HOOF YOUR BOOKS UPHILL FOR THREE BLOCKS IN THE RELATIVELY COOL TEMPERATURES IN A PAIR OF TREMENDOUSLY SUPPORTIVE ATHLETIC SNEAKERS. i mean, you got em here ok, and since your load is hereby reduced by an estimated 10lbs, you are looking golden for that return trip!

the last point is my personal favorite. man, the shit people bring in! besides the obvious reasons why we reject books (highlighting, current stock levels, past sales) here are a few i've had to give this week alone:

    "this book doesn't have a cover"
    "this book has been ripped in half"
    "this book has severe water damage"
    "this book has no cover and has been ripped in half"
    "this book has been ripped in half and soaked in water. also, its missing its cover."
    "this one has drill holes through it"
    "this is a telephone book. from texas. from 1989"

i know sometimes when your cleaning and you just want to get rid of stuff so you just throw it all in box and hope maybe you'll get something out of it. all i'm asking for is some basic pre-screening common sense. don't get huffy-puffy at me because i won't buy your fecal-encrusted phonebook or your halved first edition Maeve Binchy novels. no, you should throw a hissy fit at your pre-screening skills.

that's all.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


ate a 17oz rib-eye steak at the hilltop steakhouse tonight. the wife even paid! now i feel like i have a small baby in my stomach. i had no idea being pregnant felt so delicious. photos forthcoming.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

good reads n plenty

added Naturalistless and Long Hallucinations to goodreads.

it is 88 degrees in my living room.
down from a high of 96.
i am looking svelte.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ghosting grey

The Long Hallucinations is down to three copies.
i'll print a second edition later in the summer.

updated the Greying Ghost site.

i wil be mailing allen's copies of his chap tomorrow.
he lives nearby. so by the end of the week they will be
available to ya'll.

brian foley's Tornado is seeing the light at the end of
the tunnel. in honor of western mass being under a
tornado watch, i will work in this heat.

also get ready for chapbooks by shane jones, laura carter,
adam fieled and more!

also, the cassette portion of the menu will
be kicking things off in mid july with a
healthy assortment of jams.

contrary to an earlier post, i trimmed my beard.

cog sinister no way

someday, i will be all over this. being a train conductor for the cog sounds like a hoot. i'm bumping it up the dream-job chart to number 3, behind small barge captain, and chief of police in heaven. it is 93 in my living room. an hour ago it was 87.

in front of the fridge

Anchorite has a new chapbook out.
it is by David Gitin. It'll cool you down.
more info | here

Monday, June 09, 2008

the office cat scans

odds and ends

- i've been late with the mail orders. everything will be in the mail by tuesday.
- walden book by al bramhall will be available shortly
- i am not trimming my beard

short pants

for the first time in years, many years, i am wearing shorts that were store bought (target) and not just an old pair of jeans cut off at the knee.


if you are reading this and you came out to the poetry reading tonight, give yourself some applause. the reading went great. everyone brought their A game. gave a bunch of books away which seems sort of smarmy, yes, i agree. but whatever. they're all way better poets and in some cases traveled from afar so hell, have some extra reading material! in all, it was great to meet everyone and we had a good crowd and free beer, that's all a man could ask for.

i have a few extra copies of The Long Hallucinations which i'll throw up on the Joyride on tuesday.

also, i found this zach schomburg poem while going through the old pettycoat relaxer archives:

    Letter to the Late Baron

    Thanks for the lung. It's working beautifully. It's the other I worry about now. But none the less, I left the house for the first time since October i got a haircut, picked up a few items. The haircut follows me in my dreams, wants to kill me, chases me off cliffs and what not. I couldn't sleep so I dug a tunnel in my backyard and at the end of it was a country western bar. I've been visiting religiously since. It's the loneliest place I've ever been. Instead of a jukebox, they have an aquarium of sorts there filled entirely with ghosts that are released to fill voids. I'll sit in the bar's darkest corner with my beers and wear a lampshade. Crack some walnuts. Crack some walnuts with my new claw.

i think the new corduroy mtn. will be a mix of old pettycoat poems and new stuff people have sent.
i'll try and hunt down those that were in PR and get their ok first.

more info later

Thursday, June 05, 2008

yet another lit mag?!

pettycoat relaxer is back but under a new name and this time in a print format.
more info can be had at the The Corduroy Mtn. page.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Reading Update

quick reminder about the awesome reading on sunday.
i've never been this excited to do a reading.

i will have copies of my new chapbook, in a special
limited edition for those of you attend. they will be
cheap and beautiful. like hotel paintings.

chapbook is called "The Long Hallucinations"
and will come with a separate short story
called "The Short Hallucination"

pics above.