Sunday, May 04, 2008

quick one while he's a way

just a reminder that my supply of peter berghoef's AWESOME chapbook News of the Haircut is slowly dwindling. and after i bring some to sell at work, i'll only have about twenty left. so now is the time to GET YOURS. ordering info can be had | HERE.

i've been a bit behind on my getting orders out as i've been trying to make some headway on the next batch. but i assure you all orders will be in the mail by monday morning.

i'll might be printing up a second edition (without the packaging) at a later date once the first run has been depleted. i'll talk it over with each writer beforehand in case anyone's against it. same rules re: artist's copies will apply.

also, get ready for this dude. his stories will be blowing your mind via greying ghost at some point in the future.

things are rulin'


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