Thursday, May 22, 2008


christopher rizzo's "Naturalistless" is 99.9% done. just a few more touch ups here and there. they came out lookin' real damn good. the writing in this is damn good too. dude runs Anchorite, a amazing press which puts everyone to shame. makes me feel like some kinkos zine freak. but these ones came out great and i'm still learning and experimenting with different forms and functions-like the writing in this chap. anyways, they should be available soon. just have to mail CR his copies.

allen's chapbooks is almost done as well. just have to stamp up some envelopes.
brian's will be done in a week or two. both will rock you like category 4 hurricane.
or whichever category will rip your roof off.

on a side note, peter berghoef's chapbooks are almost gone. i have something crazy like ten left.


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they look amazing.