Sunday, May 11, 2008

muxtape #one

have a listen to what i listen to | over here

or perhaps say hello to taiga. they are putting out the first of a series of chapbooks starting in july. or if you already know them, say hello again. they miss you. let them know you are ok.

things here at the joyride powerplant are kicking into high gear. i'm a bit behind in the mail department but all be caught up tomorrow. so any outstanding BERGHOEF orders should be at your doorstep pronto.

the next three chaps, give em another week or two. they are looking good. like white-denim jumpsuit good. finished cutting the covers for brian's chap yesterday (in an allergy medication haze) while listening to the new Hospitals record entitled "hairdryer peace". them both is incredible.

them both is.

also finished a bio on iggy pop called "open up and bleed" and have been wasting a lot of time searching youtube for old stooges footage. i hope someday, some one brings back the drunk-mechanic-in-need-of-quaaludes look. that was a very good look for him. they same was true for billy joel (re: uptown girl).


bc said...

Look at you! Givin' us shout-outs!! Very kind of you. Cheers for the traffic. I love.

Just a smmmmmmaaaaalllltinyminute detail: our first issue of Taiga is due this July. Our first single-author chapbooks in the Tundra Chapbook Series aren't set to appear until late in the fall.

I go link you now. :-)

-Brooklyn XO

bc said...

PS- Love the Mux.