Wednesday, May 14, 2008


stomach ain't right so i'm home writing poems in the brightest room in the house. i'm working on a new collection of poems called "The Long Hallucinations". hopefully i'll have it ready for my reading on june 8th. but maybe not. the red sox are on the radio and i feel like i did that morning in new mexico (aimee will get this). here's something new:


In Kentucky heat we’d been stranded so we sat and watched the headlights burn into the borderland. Later that night, in a rotten ranch room slept to the right, we’d all gotten drunk by ourselves. This was the fashionable thing to do. And on a saddle-mattress we’d developed from a cash lady (she was ideal) we huddled around the hand-crank radio and listened for updates on a shortwave station. And all we could hear were her flapping flags. We told her to stop flapping her flags. Then we turned everything off and got into the truck. The heat and the fire and all the borderlands were getting closer. Goodbye goldenrods and daily rigors. Goodbye, dry towns, goodbye.

[fr dream notebook, 1st draft]

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aimee said...

You felt as bad as new mexico?
but there were no mickey d's hotcakes around for MILES!