Saturday, May 24, 2008

i am printing up a short run of chapbooks to sell at my reading on june 8th @ 6pm in the basement of brookline booksmith. will be warming up the crowd for zach schomburg, ruaun klassnik, & chad reynolds. they will be special "commemorative" chapbooks, mostly because i dislike doing readings [or leave the house]. but this is going to be great. these are great, great poets and it would be fun to ride their coattails for an evening. chapbooks will be signed and numbered and have some pieces from this new "prose poem" kick i'm on.

brookline booksmith is located at 279 harvard street in brookline, ma. you can take the green C line to coolidge corner.
limited street parking is available and since its on a sunday, its free as hell. come hear some poetry and see the place where i work. sit in my desk chair if you like. i'll also be making some flyers this weekend.

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