Saturday, May 31, 2008

Christopher Rizzo - Naturalistless

Chris Rizzo's Naturalistless is now available.
you can order it | HERE

Friday, May 30, 2008

elderly lanes

i've also been riding my bike when i get home from work. usually around the block a few times then a lap around the pond. then we sit, my bike and I, and wait for the elderly and the children to go away. then i go back to tearing ass. this helps me immensely.
just as there is a bike lane, there should be an elderly lane and an invalid lane or a combination of the two. preferably up high, like up in space somewhere. or maybe more benches. because they never make it around the pond completely. my apologies for these sweeping generalizations of mine.

Walden Book Update

finished the envelopes for allen's chap tonight. the scan looks a bit too orange-y. its really more tan than orange. can't believe how niiice these bastards came out. these and rizzo's will be available soon. keep your pants on, please. hold your horses.

i'm also finishing up a few special copies of my new chapbook called "long hallucinations"
these will only be available at the reading. and will have antlers on the cover.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

i am printing up a short run of chapbooks to sell at my reading on june 8th @ 6pm in the basement of brookline booksmith. will be warming up the crowd for zach schomburg, ruaun klassnik, & chad reynolds. they will be special "commemorative" chapbooks, mostly because i dislike doing readings [or leave the house]. but this is going to be great. these are great, great poets and it would be fun to ride their coattails for an evening. chapbooks will be signed and numbered and have some pieces from this new "prose poem" kick i'm on.

brookline booksmith is located at 279 harvard street in brookline, ma. you can take the green C line to coolidge corner.
limited street parking is available and since its on a sunday, its free as hell. come hear some poetry and see the place where i work. sit in my desk chair if you like. i'll also be making some flyers this weekend.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


christopher rizzo's "Naturalistless" is 99.9% done. just a few more touch ups here and there. they came out lookin' real damn good. the writing in this is damn good too. dude runs Anchorite, a amazing press which puts everyone to shame. makes me feel like some kinkos zine freak. but these ones came out great and i'm still learning and experimenting with different forms and functions-like the writing in this chap. anyways, they should be available soon. just have to mail CR his copies.

allen's chapbooks is almost done as well. just have to stamp up some envelopes.
brian's will be done in a week or two. both will rock you like category 4 hurricane.
or whichever category will rip your roof off.

on a side note, peter berghoef's chapbooks are almost gone. i have something crazy like ten left.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

first, i've been addicted to six sentences. you should check it and send them six lines. second, while printing, i've been checking out T207. great images and memorabilia. yes, i spelled memorabilia on the first try.

the overcast afternoon

new mixtape posted.

future mix themes:

    rare classic rock
    found tapes
    bike jamz
    people reading poems
    live tracks

Friday, May 16, 2008


The Weed Sheriff

Mama, take this badge off of me and put my guns in the ground. There’s very little use out here for a sheriff, mama. There used to be the healing sanctum off the frontage road where uprooted vagabonds from across the river liked to showbiz their hats to one another. That’s a slang term, mama, for a lewd sex act. That’s all there is here—lewd sex and those great big burial brutes from antebellum America who’ve taken over the hills. That’s it. Not like up north in the royal sobriquet city where they’re constantly fishing them ladies with the rented perms from motel pools. Hell, my buddy on the force up there says it happens every weekend. Not like here where maybe once in awhile there’ll be vehicle accident on the interstate or a skirmish up in the hills. And usually that’s just the palsy-boys with the thinning hair dueling one another for their weightlifting equipment. No, mama, most mornings all I do is walk through all the rooms of my house making sure the windows are locked. Then I simply sit and wait for the phone to ring. But the phone never rings, mama. Unless of course the palsy-boys are back at it or the queers are out behind The Candescent Bar again. No, mama, I’m afraid all I do now is sit and wait. That’s why I’m dictating this letter to you. I’d call but I don’t want to tie up the line.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ill pt2

The Tariff On Wives & Wallpaper

The papers have reported a tariff on wives and wallpapers. Sudden couples stuck in long guzzling bars, soon to be single women out on the town, even the flushed and the floral were all subject to the tariff. Everyone in the bar sags at the news as it is read aloud. The chiefly foreign linnet-like women sag. The bartender assures us all that his newly widowed mother will sag when she hears this. Some of the men with broken legs who seem suitably content to stand themselves to death, sag a little while reaching for their wallets. Aging heirs unleash a yelp then sag. Even the paunchy rucksacks who are neither fond of women nor the news nor the print medium sag. To lighten the mood, the least-paunchy of the rucksacks hands me a handful of picturesque postcards he’d bought for his floating parents back home. There was one of a half naked baby crying after having its swimming trunks snatched off by a trunk-hungry demon fish. That one seemed to do the trick.


stomach ain't right so i'm home writing poems in the brightest room in the house. i'm working on a new collection of poems called "The Long Hallucinations". hopefully i'll have it ready for my reading on june 8th. but maybe not. the red sox are on the radio and i feel like i did that morning in new mexico (aimee will get this). here's something new:


In Kentucky heat we’d been stranded so we sat and watched the headlights burn into the borderland. Later that night, in a rotten ranch room slept to the right, we’d all gotten drunk by ourselves. This was the fashionable thing to do. And on a saddle-mattress we’d developed from a cash lady (she was ideal) we huddled around the hand-crank radio and listened for updates on a shortwave station. And all we could hear were her flapping flags. We told her to stop flapping her flags. Then we turned everything off and got into the truck. The heat and the fire and all the borderlands were getting closer. Goodbye goldenrods and daily rigors. Goodbye, dry towns, goodbye.

[fr dream notebook, 1st draft]

Monday, May 12, 2008

el senator!

say hello to my awesome new bike. it is from austria and was found at a yardsale on saturday for $10.00 (american) by two awesome kids, jake and momo. it needs some work but the frame is beautiful and the color, plus the little details are exactly what i had envisioned. plus i'll get to get my hands dirty fixing it up. hooray for economic stimulus packages!

huge thanks to j+m for grabbing this and looking it over.
they will be an endless source of information...

a w e s o m e

Sunday, May 11, 2008

muxtape #one

have a listen to what i listen to | over here

or perhaps say hello to taiga. they are putting out the first of a series of chapbooks starting in july. or if you already know them, say hello again. they miss you. let them know you are ok.

things here at the joyride powerplant are kicking into high gear. i'm a bit behind in the mail department but all be caught up tomorrow. so any outstanding BERGHOEF orders should be at your doorstep pronto.

the next three chaps, give em another week or two. they are looking good. like white-denim jumpsuit good. finished cutting the covers for brian's chap yesterday (in an allergy medication haze) while listening to the new Hospitals record entitled "hairdryer peace". them both is incredible.

them both is.

also finished a bio on iggy pop called "open up and bleed" and have been wasting a lot of time searching youtube for old stooges footage. i hope someday, some one brings back the drunk-mechanic-in-need-of-quaaludes look. that was a very good look for him. they same was true for billy joel (re: uptown girl).

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Walden Book

allen's chaps are looking amazing. i am tooting my own horn on this. its a good feeling to visualize a concept and see it through. the poems in this beast are huge. like seeing a foreign city lit up at night for the first time. that's the best way to describe it.

tomorrow i make an emergency paper run as i thought i had more of something i have quite little of. here's to hoping they still the same pattern or something similar. i should plan this shit out better but where's the fun in that.

also, while on the bus today, i kept reading what the woman in front of me was jotting down in her notebook. highlights include:

    GET BILLZ [sic]
    "rob + salad mix + soda"
    "butcher 2:00"
    "call mel get $ (underlined a lot)"

Sunday, May 04, 2008

quick one while he's a way

just a reminder that my supply of peter berghoef's AWESOME chapbook News of the Haircut is slowly dwindling. and after i bring some to sell at work, i'll only have about twenty left. so now is the time to GET YOURS. ordering info can be had | HERE.

i've been a bit behind on my getting orders out as i've been trying to make some headway on the next batch. but i assure you all orders will be in the mail by monday morning.

i'll might be printing up a second edition (without the packaging) at a later date once the first run has been depleted. i'll talk it over with each writer beforehand in case anyone's against it. same rules re: artist's copies will apply.

also, get ready for this dude. his stories will be blowing your mind via greying ghost at some point in the future.

things are rulin'


Thursday, May 01, 2008

ghost news

these are the uncut covers to Allen Bramhall's chap.
there's maybe a one inch border of bleed that needs to be trimmed.
sorry for the poor photo quality. tomorrow night i cut the
paper for brian foley's tornado.

running with the sickazz dogs!

won $100.00 playing a scratch ticket.
that's like winning free ink, paper, and an ice cream cake.
in that exact order.

that's all.