Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"the MAKE TRAX scoring record - a whopping 1,508,310"

finally got everyone's chapbooks all formatted on the computer. tonight/tomorrow morning they get CX4800'd.

spent the afternoon thrift store hopping. all i found was howard the duck #18 and something called "blip: the video game magazine." it is from 1982 and features a super-bushy-'stached super mario dude making out with a blonde lady. the best way to describe this, is that mario is cleaning her mouth. with this tongue. and super bushy mustachio. total hair lip hi jinx. there's also a shocking expose on donkey kong and an exclusive tip on how to beat Centipede. this must be from when Marvel Comics was making money hand over fist and decided to put out anything some meth-riddled intern thought sounded gnarly.

oh, and there's a video hall of fame article penned by walt day {fr. king of kong fame}. walter was the guy who authenticated video game scores and created an official high score acknowledgment system. a record book for video game play if you will. sadly, no mention of billy mitchell's god-fearing mullet.

its like someone took that mullet to the mountain top and let the good lord shine his light on thee.

off to the office supply store for paper.

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