Sunday, April 27, 2008

blog changes

so i'm turning this back into a regular blog. mostly, because i'm keeping some newer writings private. i'll still post a few things as i see fit. i'll be one of those guys who keeps all his notebooks and poems locked up in a suitcase. buried under the rusted out honda in the backyard! i'll guard it with a gun and a dog. a huge dog. a huge air-bud dog. it will dribble your head like a basketball. it won't be a golden retriever. moving on...

in a few weeks i'll be locking myself up in a budget motel somewhere where i'll spend an entire weekend writing and drinking beer alone with HBO on mute. no distractions. no internet. nothing. a lot will be produced. i'm thinking about a motel on route one somewhere. so i get cabin fever i can walk over to the batting cages, take a few hacks, and then eat some ice cream. thereby defeating the purpose of the entire weekend.

three new greying ghost chaps are coming along. allen bramhall, brian foley, and christopher rizzo will be represented in one way or another. i've been reading their poems over and over. all three are very different from one another. more info in a few. and some pictures also.

also got a slew of tapes coming out on "taped division" by some pretty incredible bands. they will melt your ears or whatever the saying is. they will kill. or slay. or issue a campaign of wrath. details soon.

went to the IHOP in norwood last night for some dinner-breakfast. food was epic. should've ordered the bacon. i hear their bacon tastes like sweet sweet music. not that garbage we buy at shaw's. no, that that bacon tastes like it was made from lips and assholes. instead i ordered the buttermilks and a plate of hash browns. wasn't hungry for fifteen hour.

i'm beardless. for now.

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