Wednesday, December 31, 2008

hooray! i am now taking orders for Corduroy Mtn. First Print! you can order it HERE!

contributors, i have a copy saved for each of ya'll. i just need your addresses. feel free to email me and i'll send em off.

added it to goodreads

this whole project was a hoot! sure it was a bit time consuming and set me behind a month, but man, it came out great. i hope i did the contributors justice. every piece in here solid. like a rock. like all of the Pointer Sisters singing Jump (For My Love) in perfect unison. its that god damn sweet.

minus the skunk-spot, of course.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

added troy urquhart, patrick lucy, and howard good to the mtn.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

on the way home from work i saw the thickest set of cankles i've ever seen. i was mortified by their girth. they'll never know the pleasure of modern day high-top sneakers.

while my wife was away for christmas, i mastered the art of air guitar on an actual guitar, while watching dirty jobs with a cat on my shoulder.

here are my two favorite Mtn. covers thus far:

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

all orders have been shipped!

i even went to the dreaded ******* street post office. i say dreaded because they have a rather poor reputation. i thought i mine as well just my mail to fire, then myself. you know, like, cut out the middle man. but these orders were important so i strapped on a set and waited there with the crying (possibly abandoned) children. there were a lot of kids in that place. a ton. i thought maybe there was some special exchange going on, what with the bad economy and all. they were all sad too. "cheer up, my man." i said to one of them. "christmas is a couple days away." but then he just started crying again. "did they set fire to you mail, too?" i asked him. "no." he said. i'm generally quite apathetic when it comes to postal workers, but man, what a rough week to be a postal worker. this dinner (i'm holding up my dinner plate) is in honor of you. please don't set my mail on fire. or submerge it in water. or whatever you guys do at your weekly after-hour get together.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Jeff Harrison reviews Walden Book by Allen Bramhall! check it out at Galatea Resurrection.

i'd hate to have to work in a supermarket the night before a huge winter storm. went to stop n shop tonight for some odd n ends and i felt like the basic fabric of society was about to break down and the last 30 minutes of 28 days was going to transpire. someone was going to get knifed for cinnamon raisin bagels. i could absolutely smell it. then on the drive home we come up to a big car accident with the array of broken glass and people yelling at each other in the middle of the road. then flirting with disaster was on the radio and my wife and i were practicing our badut bop bop yeah's. now i'm home with my groceries, waiting for the snow to arrive. glancing at the wreckage from car accidents makes me sick in the stomach. always have. i'll run in the morning.

all mail orders have been shipped except for stuff going overseas. my apologies for the delay but the local post office is a nightmare and i can't so overseas shipping from the self check out machine. ill try and get em out during my lunch breaks.

Corduroy Mtn is about a week away. they're coming out excellent!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

shane jones' chapbook has sold out. that's it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

corduroy mtn. one is about half way printed. should be done sometime after christmas, maybe a couple days before. it'll be a sweet 5x8 book. yellow covers. autumn colors insert. an eric amling broadsheet. an envelope. there will be 55 made. in honor of the delays. all contributors are encouraged to get in touch so as i can send you a copy. get ready.

also, i've been listening to Horrors a ton lately. not the shitty uk band called "The Horrors" but this is the old In The Red label Horrors. these dudes. just pure garage noise. awesome. that new The Horrors band is shitty. have i mentioned that? that they're shitty? because they're shitty. really shitty. moral of the story. always double check what you are about to buy on itunes. today was also the first day of my strenuous exercise regiment. i've taken up running. my training consisted of calisthenics, light stretching, and buying proper attire. today, i ran 1.5 miles. i have a new respect for marathon runners. and runners in general. maybe even drug runners too though i'm not sure how much actual running is involved in drug running. either way, it ain't easy, bro.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a poem of mine has been published in the new issue of Lamination Colony

check it out and the other great poems there. there're some really eclectic pieces up there. i feel like writing again.

Monday, December 15, 2008

hey kids, so after i send off shane jones' artist copies i'll only have 11 (ELEVEN) left. after these eleven are gone you'll have to wait until the best of shane jones anthology comes out. so get on that. because you need something to get on. in greying ghost business news, i bought a new printer. i won't go into specifics other than to say that's incredibly fast. this means i might be upping the number of copies made for some future releases. because y'know, now i can crank them out. like babies. on tuesday Corduroy Mtn hits the printer. as well as becca klaver's chapbook. both should be done immediately after christmas. the old printer served me well. it will continue to serve me well for projects that require color printing. but the new dude, good lord! its like laser lightning. my wife is now married to a toner man.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

a summation on my diner experiences

just got back from victoria's diner. if you know me, you know i love diners. i have this thing where i judge a diner based on its buttermilk pancakes. victoria's had very good buttermilk pancakes. they were on the thin side but still fluffy, solid, and overall, quite delicious. usually thin pancakes taste woeful as it means they've been burnt. these were not burnt. their milkshakes tastes woeful. it was like drinking milk out of a sweaty shoe. pancakes though, were top notch. they were $4.99 as well. i would put Victoria's somewhere in the middle of the pack. the upper echelon being the Deluxe Town Diner and the Talk of the Town Diner. the watertown double-headed buttermilk monster. botton of the list would be the 50's diner in Dedham and places like Perkin's or any continental breakfast buffet. Ihop is ok. Usually Ihop is filled with drunks and meth addicts (with nubby teeth) which scores them points in the overall amusement category. Ihop also has some mind-blowing hash browns. the 50's Diner in Dedham is greatly overrated. the portions are a slap in the face and the service is sloppy. if you expect a bad tap, you'll usually end up with a bad tip. that's all i'm saying. i'm talking about buttermilk pancakes, son. the Grecian Diner in Allston had some grade A flapjacks. but that place burned down, sadly. i'll still rank them high though. Centre Street Cafe here in JP is good but pricey. If i'm going to drop $9.00 on pancakes i'd better have my shoes and pants dazzled right off me. usually they aren't but the food is still good enough that you have to kick the tires on the cafe every now and then. go here if you come across some cash at the horse track or when you get your state income tax refund. sound bites is up there too. i'd like to check out that small diner near sullivan station. the one with the menu handwritten on paper plates. on my honeymoon i ate some flapjacks that were truly horrific. here's some exposition. we drank a bunch of caffeine drinks the night before as we were going to try and drive all night through the southwestern desert lands but we ended up pulling over at a truck stop and sleeping for an hour or two. we both woke up groggy gazing headlong into the sun. there's nothing on the radio in new mexico except for a syndicated NPR style program. so after an hour of this, i start getting hungry. so we pull off the highway and find a Mcdonalds in some bumfuck town. i get the hotcakes and a juice. a half hour later i'm doing lateral buttermilk tosses all over a rest stop. i chug some water and get it all out. i wait it out. then we hit the road, drive through el paso and i'm back driving through the country's most boring stretch of land on the way to Austin where i eventually sideswipe a deer and lose my cool. Austin was alright. too keep this inline with being press-related blog only, i will say that that was when I came with the name for Greying Ghost.

Friday, December 12, 2008

i'd like to start a mix tape club.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

all orders for Ryan Daley's chap have either been sent or will be sent tomorrow. my stock is slowly dwindling. so you better act fast on this one. if i haven't said it lately, i will say it again, this book has been such a pleasure to work on. i've been going back to it in my moments of idleness. just an amazing collection. so excited by how it turned out.

the second edition of shane jones' book is about half printed. a few orders are going out tomorrow. they should all be completed this weekend. these will be limited. to clarify, here is the deal with these. i'm doing thirty, which after artist copies leaves me me with twenty. once those twenty are gone, that will be it. can't please everybody.

on the horizon will be books by becca klaver, brooklyn copeland, kathryn regina, and a little later, zachary schomburg. then i might take a week or two off. then the late winter will have a shit load of awesome books.

also, all orders now will come some piece of ephemera. might be an old photo. maybe an old letter i found. a bus ticket. i find a lot of crazy things on the ground and in used books. i will share these with you.

go forth and cook in the rotisserie warmth-lights of Carson Mell. He is my new favorite writer.

"take your kid to the arcade and win him a bunny. my buddy here is going pro."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

one of the greatest songs ever. man, if i were to blessed with the task of curating a second jock jamz compilation, i'd include the hell out of this. i'd probably include this twice.

and this one:

i've been enjoying the Apostrophe Cast a lot lately.
perhaps, if you haven't yet, you should. especially the josh maday stuff. i always thought his name was pronounced may-day but muh-day. i am sorry.

i'm going to start jogging/running next week. and getting up early to write. both tasks will include ankle weights.

scrapped the covers to the Mtn. don't fret participants. a back-up plan has been instituted. in the interest of the sanity of everyone involved, it will be one big print issue. i'm scrapping the whole painted cover idea. they will come in some sort of sexy enclosure envelope. this will all be done soon. this new idea will shave off days.

have you read The Mtn. lately?

Monday, December 08, 2008

if you don't use paypal but would still like to order some Greying Ghost titles, please email me for other payment methods.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

tonight i am printing up more copies of shane jones' I Will Unfold You With My Hairy Hands. you know that chapbook you wanted to read but procrastinated to the point where it sold out and you felt empty inside. feel empty no longer. i'm printing up an initial re-run of 30 copies. you can pre-order yourself a copy by sending, via paypal, $5.00 to "". make sure in the message section you say you want shane's book.

i have a giant sheet of paper with "people who want shane jones' book" written on top. pre-ordering will me buy some more printers ink. after the 2nd run is gone, i'll see where we're at as far as demand goes. its awesome that people dig this book so much. i'll try and get one into your hands!

also, these books won't be as fancy as the original. but it will still look nice.

can't/don't wait.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

if your name is "chris williams" and you live in chicago, your book order got returned. please email me to re-confirm your address. or if you know a chris williams in chicago and he's all pissed off about not getting his books, steer him in the direction on this post. chris, if you are out, get in touch. i will resend. i promise.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

just ordered a copy of Aaron Tieger's new chapbook. i dig his writing a ton and am quite excited to get my mitts on this.

also, Ryan Daley received his copies today. I'll be putting them up for sale on the site either tonight or very early tomorrow. they will be $6.00 (includes postage). if you can't wait, you can paypal your Electronic Green to me at "oldwesty at gmail dot com" and i will ship them out asap.

Monday, December 01, 2008

started working on the covers to Corduroy Mtn: First Print. it'll be a bloody good time. sort of like First Blood where Rambo first escapes from jail and seeks solitude in the mountainous reaches of the pacific northwest. imagine rambo coming across a stockpile of ammo and munitions and thinking: yes, this will come in quite handy. a mental note has thusly been taken. that is what life will be like for you, the reader, upon reading this issue. you will spring forth from your jail cell. you will hide in the woods. and you will hunt down Brian Dennehy.

on a legal note, i am not responsible for Mr Dennehy as a result of the reading of this issue.

for the covers i'm expanding on the idea i had for the Laura Carter broadsheets and mixing it with some remembrances of Northern Idaho past.

i haven't shaved in ten days. this coincides with my current reading of cormac mccarthy, who, i recently learned, is a fellow rhode islander. i have a headache and i've watched some absolutely terrible football this weekend.

thank you.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Corduroy Mtn. First Print is hitting the printer this week. i'm going to hammer this thing out. thee will be 40 made. each person who has a poem in it will get a free copy! it will be a mixture of a chapbook and broadsheets with crazy, individually hand stamped covers. once the 40 copies are sold out, the works will move to the site. crazy!

artist copies of ryan daley's chapbooks will be in the mail tomorrow. once he gets em, they'll then be available to the public!

next batch will include books by becca klaver, kathryn regina, and brooklyn copeland. i hope i just spelled their names right. i'll apologize if i didn't. i'm tired and too lazy to fact check.

i saw my first face-eating senior citizen in satin celtics jacket today while clapping along to christmas songs on the radio. it was both endearing and a bit unsettling. he was leering at me the entire time. i thought about giving him the "what's up head-nod" but chose not too. i love lancaster massachusetts and the denizens of rte 117. godspeed.

i only work four days this week.

on the distant but still sooner than later horizon are books by zachary schomburg and colin bassett as well as a reprint of shane jones' chap. and a truck load of others.

congrats to peter berghoef for his pushcart nomination!

more later.

Friday, November 21, 2008

attn: people who record stuff.
we're doing this now. really!

i've been saving up.
i'm also looking for writers who'd want to record themselves reading one of their poems or parts of their prose. it would be cool to do an audio anthology. we can finally put a voice to an anonymous internet persona. if interested, please follow the linkage.

production on daley's book are three quarters done. artist copies will be in the mail this weekend and should be available to the public by this time next week. get excited!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the doobie brothers: aka:

    the doobs
    doobs comma the
    brothers doobie
    brothers doobs
    the doobies
    doob bros
    bro doobs
    doobie bruthas
    doobie dudes
    do b. bros
    chicago lite

Monday, November 17, 2008

Update #111608

daley's chapbooks are looking good. i will post some pics when aimee gets back with the good camera. they should be done this week sometime. i got a bit sidetracked with the weird weather, the looking at books, and the national football league. the book fair was a let down. not sure how i will put a positive spin on it for the work newsletter. nothing all that interesting to look at. it seemed like a giant yardsale. granted, i went on the last day. i will work that angle for the newsletter.

i was too bored to eat copious amounts of hot dogs. i didn't really need another t-shirt. instead i bought a sandwich and went home and finished watching Ace In The Hole starring kirk douglas. it was a very good movie once i got over my "your son was that guy from basic instinct and that movie with madonna where she poured hot wax on his naughty bits" syndrome. once i got past that, i was able to sit back and enjoy the film. with an italian submarine sandwich.

i have a poem up at the If Poetry Journal.

office paper cutting party dj set list:

    sightings - end times
    fiery furnaces - remember
    rolling stones - beggars banquet
    denis leary - no cure for cancer
    sharon jones & the dap kings - naturally
    roxy music - for your pleasure
    strapping fielhands - wattle & daub
    pavement - wowee zowee

Friday, November 14, 2008

just received an advance copy of Jesse Ball's "The Way Through Doors"
i will alternate between reading this and the monkey wrench gang.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

ryan daley's chapbooks should all be printed and bound by the end of the weekend. after that i'll be doing a quick reprint of shane jones' chap. then there'll be a whole heaping mound of awesome books by the likes of becca klaver, kathryn regina, zachary schomburg and more! hooray for heaping mounds!

corduroy mtn: the print issue, is all formated. just casually waiting its proper slot in the print queue! hooray, also, for proper queue slots!

for all ya'll in the boston area, this weekend is the antiquarian book fair at the hynes convention center. i will be going on sunday. I will most likely be the one wearing a Spikes t-shirt as i plan on doing the Spikes hot dog challenge beforehand. I believe you need to eat at least six to be in the hot dog club, thereby fulfilling the necessary requirements for a t-shirt. maybe its five. i can definitely do five dogs. i'm shooting for seven. no condiments. and free mountain dew refills. maybe i will do this afterwards so i don't do a lateral hot dog toss all over someone's leather-bound manuscripts.

be sure to check out the debut issue of Sir! Magazine. its going to be huge. if you see brian on the street, shake his hands. both of them.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ryan daley's "A Border Looks Like Making Love" is being printed before my eyes as i type this!

the paper.

so far things are going smooth.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Corduroy Mtn. is now online!
the original print issue will be completed in a couple o'weeks!

the address on this changed so update your links accordingly.

new stuff added daily, for the most part.

Monday, November 03, 2008

updated Greying Ghost site. added a few new titles to the upcoming list.

also, after talking to various folks, i'm toying with the idea of making Corduroy Mtn an online journal. the first issue would remain a print journal. and the Mtn would then become something where people would send material and i'd post it w/ a date and time. no issues except for a yearly best-of issue. i've gotten a ton of ridiculously amazing material thus far. and i'd rather make that stuff available sooner rather than have to sit on it. this way i can concentrate my efforts on the Ghost.

also, if you've sent something to the ghost or to the mtn, and you haven't received a response yet, tuesday will be the day i get caught up on all that. somethings i've just been reading and re-reading...

ideas? input?

today was an official day off. no press work. no writing. no reading. went to the cape. well, we mostly took 28 to wood's hole. i watched some boats come to port. above is a photo of me as a giant, stepping on several small children.

tomorrow, back to the grind. ryan daley's chapbook enters the printing phase along with becca klaver's. sent off the first proof of The Pond to zach schomburg. a few things to redo, as was expected. in the coming week we'll be going over some packaging ideas and get this beauty hammered home. i might have some reprinted copies of shane jones' book by the end of next week.

this weekend i also got the new thomas hummel chap from these amazing folks. i'm about half way into it. ya'll should go buy a copy. now. NOW.

the cape was great. the entire car ride i thought about my next writing project. got a few poems stewing in a cauldron.

more little projects in the works. get ready. or hold on. i'd like a dog someday.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008


where to begin with this video? i like the part where they descend from a fiery liquid supernova and piss glitter which can build bridges and rainbows. that is cool stuff.

i also think this video was groundbreaking. in that it was the first video to say to hell with the song. these insane sound effects are where its at. or maybe it shown to a test group and they all said i could sort of feel the song. i think if there were more laser sounds and explosions, i'd feel it a little more. and then added some effects and then went back to the test group, and the group said yeah, still having some trouble feeling it. perhaps when they piss a rainbow there could be some muffled alarm and then some phaser noises. and then after that was finished, the group, for a third time watched the video, and then said probably should've warned you before hand that our hearing is pretty much shot. we can't hear a lick of anything, really. were those lasers? you should add more lasers. but you're probably asking the wrong group of people. we're the braille test crew really. we thought this would be an exciting change of pace. our bad. but by then the deadline was nearing so the director said that's a wrap. i don't care. that's a wrap.

from wikipedia: "The song again rose to prominence when in 2006, psycho-illusionist Derren Brown used the song along with various other psychological motivators to convince a group of 4 people to each commit a bank robbery by their own free will."

Friday, October 24, 2008

update #102408

got the cover paper for ryan daley's and becca klaver's chapbooks in the mail today, completely un-bent which, to me, seemed a minor miracle. i have an idea to hand paint the covers which may or may not work. it is important to try, i feel. daley's chapbook will have paper made from old brown grocery bags. both chaps should be done by mid november.

i am posting from work, which seems illegal. or like cheating. as though this will be one of THOSE blogs where i detail the minutia of my afternoons. but it is very slow here at work, and i think i'm going bat-shit crazy just sitting here. i have already aggressively hand-sold two books. this has wiped me out. and now i hear Rich and his bags coming down the stairs. i need to go and prep for his reeking body odor, which is akin to a combo of stale pepsi, sweat, jovan musk, and the inner workings of an antelope's ass. him and his bags. somebody better hose me down afterwards.

you know you're crazy when the equally crazy guy behind you in line comments about how crazy you are.

i'm writing a work related newsletter of sorts here

i'm going to go buy a sandwich.

Friday, October 17, 2008


There’s an ambler in the atrium.
Have him finished, gentlemenly.
Yes, no more jackets for his wife.
American minutes aren’t that cold.
Make sure he doesn’t vouch things.
You mean these time cards? Yes.
There’s no gambler in the atrium.
An American translating vacuums.
Occasionally, something is lost.
It was as if I said what I meant.

    { fr. notebook

top notch debate analysis | HERE

Thursday, October 16, 2008

google search terms that have (apparently) lead people to this blog:

    "things to do with infants"
    "best wrestler names"
    "kendra malone"
    "from the internet to a luddhite"
    "bun deflector"

got a poem accepted over at lamination colony. this is very exciting. it won't be up for awhile, i assume. but when it does, i'll be celebratin'

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

update #101408

started working on the next batch of books which will include chaps by Ryan Daley, Becca Klaver, and Corduroy Mtn #1.
if time allows, i'll be printing up some more copies of s. jones' and p. berghoef's books. my plan is to crank things in the next couple of months, save up some money, and maybe experiment with some different formats in the future. i.e. poetry cassettes and hand binding. more to come.

all orders have been packed and will be in the mailbox tomorrow morning.

i went to this restaurant tonight where they give you a hot towel after eating.
i felt like i'd won some sort of contest. i get this feeling when i fly first class, too.


i shaved off my beard again. man, what a wasted opportunity that hot towel was.
just my hands and my arms got the hot towel treatment tonight. next time i might
just take my shirt off. i think that move is called a "hoboken scrub"


Sunday, October 12, 2008

peter berghoef's News of the Haircut has done sold out!
reprint possibly in the works.

Friday, October 10, 2008


i've finalized the lineup. if you got a "yes" email from me, you are in this issue. if you haven't heard from me (if you sent stuff, say, this afternoon), you are in the "Mtn. #2 Folder". so hold your horses. or if you're in jail, or you're in jail and you sent stuff, or if you sent stuff, then got picked up on a narcotics charge, my advice to you would be to be patient. this applies to both your submissions and to your particular sentence. now, go back to making license plates or lifting weights. kidding.

here's the lineup for the debut issue:

it will also be a package deal, so included will be an ERIC AMLING broadside, and a mini JAMES IREDELL chapbook or pamphlet.

if you've had something accepted and i've left your name out, let me know asap.

as far as a release date, i can't say for certain. i'll be doing a little bit each week on top of other projects.
so please, like an inmate, be patient.

updates on progress to follow!

got two books in the mail today. end notebook by geoffrey olsen and dokument by catherine meng. they were published by the awesome folks at petrichord books over in cambridge. can't wait to read these and any/all future releases. i trust them.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Adam Fieled's Help is now available! they can be had HERE.

i'd like to thank laura and adam for their patience and obviously for the incredible writing i was so privileged to read and put into book form. such good people and poets.

office ambience:

    Return of The Jedi - Story Book LP
    Queen - A Day At The Races LP
    Dead Machines - Dead End On Olson Street LP
    Muddy Waters/Bo Diddley/ Little Walter - Super Blues

the RotJ record is amazing. imagine watching a 2hr movie in just under 40 minutes with a professional voice-over actor giving the play by play, with an occasional chewy grunt. i wish i could speak huttese like jabba. also, when i buy a house, i am installing a saarlak pit in the backyard. that way, when someone gets all up in my face at a bar-b-q or if i accidentally break something of sentimental value to my wife i can just toss whomever or whatever into said saarlak pit. that would be pretty bad ass. or if someone at the local bar wanted to fight i could say "not ready for power are you! see you in the pit I will!" and it will be on like donkey kong.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Laura Carter's chapbook At The Pulse is now available | order HERE

let me know of the paypal button doesn't work. they had a new system and it was a bit fuzzy to figure out.

Friday, October 03, 2008

shane jones's I Will Unfold You With My Hairy Hands is Sold Out!
more will be printed up possibly, i'll need to check on that.

peter berghoef snagged the last copy.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

author copies of adam fieled's and laura carter's chaps are in the mail.
once they get em, i'll throw them up on the airforce joyride site.

the two books came out looking beautiful. both different in terms of style.
get as excited as me.

tooting the office horn

be sure to check out htmlgiant. there's even a very kind shout to the greying ghost! perusing the site is readily becoming a morning ritual. the writing/reviews/interviews are both fair and illuminating.

also be sure to check out the emerging writers network. dan from dzanc books has set up a variety of panels in which he asks publishers of all ilk and creed questions pertaining to the publishing world. i was asked to take part in the chapbook panel which i feel a little awkward about since the other presses on the panel have me beat by far. don't get me wrong, it rules to be a part of something like that. but man, have you bought a book from kitchen press lately? awesome. get to it. pronto.

there will also be a spotlight on the greying ghost shown from the mighty halogens of the NOO Journal (issue 9?). there will be some sort of interview and some reviews of chapbooks.


the fugs!

Monday, September 29, 2008

update #092608

Brian Foley's The Tornado Is Not A Surrealist is done sold out!

huge update coming later this week! new books! broadsides!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

just finished watching Brand Upon The Brain, a film by Guy Maddin. If you haven't seen it yet, do so immediately. It is one of the creepiest movies, not in a horror-movie sort of way, just rather, in its oddness. Its a combination of classic children's literature, Georges Méliès's silent film A Trip to the Moon, black and white Henry Darger drawings, someone's 8mm home movies, and the lead-tyke from 400 Blows.

back to work...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

update #092408

ha! all orders have been shipped! double ha! Laura Carter's At The Pulse is finished. just need to finish a few broadsides. the same is true for Adam Fieled's Help. i will get these done completely and will have artist's copies out by sunday night or monday morning. stay tuned as i will have official word and ordering info when time is appropriate.

also in production are a few broadsides of a poem that i wrote for The Long Halucinations which is sold out but will be back in print this winter! mark your calendars or blackberry or whatever. also, while cleaning out the office for our yard sale, i found a story i wrote back in the sixth grade entitled "A Strange Man, A Strange Man". this story involves a man jumping through a window only to instantly become covered in bloodsucking spiders. there is also a lot of unintentional stereotypying going on between the head detective Pierre and a foreigner named "Ramon". this story takes place in Paris by the way. this story also involves a man who wears all black except for a peach-colored scarf. and Pierre's named is spelled "Pier" which i will just assume was supposed to be "Pierre". i will also finally correct the spelling mistakes sixteen years later.

this will be in chapbook form, and will be cheap. i would also suggest that don't expect this story to be nominated for a pushcart going in. its more of a funny ha-ha sort of thing. well, at least to me.

pictures to come!

this song is currently number 4 on my itunes "play count" sort:

this is number 44:

Friday, September 12, 2008


new addiction: Sexy People.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

corduroy mtn

corduroy mtn issue one lineup has been finalized.
stay tuned for the who what when where later on.

all submissions sent after 5pm tonight will be considered for the second issue.

in the mean time:

update #090908

got am email from dzanc books' Dan who is doing some great things with the Emerging Writers Network [website]. his reviews are usually dead-on. its great when you come across people who are genuinely a fan of printed matters.

as far as greying ghost news goes, books have been a moving. all orders have either been shipped or have been packed and will be shipped out later this afternoon. this is exciting news for me as i've been behind and am no legally caught up. legally. i have 5 copies of Shane Jones' I Will Unfold You With my Hairy Hands. i have 2 copies of Peter Berghoef's News of The Haircut. i have 6 copies of Christopher Rizzo's Naturalistless. and i have 12 copies of Allen Bramhall's Walden Book. i have 6 copies of Brian Foley's The Tornado Is Not A Surrealist. if you are a last minute type, you should visit the Airforce Joyride site pronto while you legally still can. i like throwing the word "legally" legally into sentences.

Adam Fieled's Help and Laura Carter's At The Pulse are about a week or two away. they are looking excellent if i may say so myself.

i thought about calling up the classic rock station to request Humble Pie's 30 Days In A Hole. i didn't.

went to the grolier poetry bookshop over in cambridge and picked up the following:

    Panic Grass by Charles Upton
    Friend Delighting The Eloquent by Matthew Klane
    Entire Days by Joseph Simas
    August Letter To My Wife And Daughters by Joseph Torra

the Simas purchase i am especially excited about because its a Burning Deck Chapbook from 1985 and it cost me only $4.00. if you haven't been to the grolier bookshop, you best get over there. legally.

more later.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

update #082908

"Book design is a process so transparent and anonymous that one sometimes wonders whether it exists at all. It's a negative quantity: a book is well-designed to the extent that it is not badly designed, rather like the preferred porridge in Goldilocks and The Three Bears that was not too hot and not too cold but just right. Confronted by such lack of definition, the designer must sometimes have doubts, and then it helps to consider the books of the past." - Richard Hendel On Book Design


all mail orders have been shipped!


this labor day weekend, you should head over to your local bookstore and pick up a cope of Dzanc Book's Best of The Web. There is a lot of great writing in that. Buy it even if only for Chris Rizzo's poem Zone which is seriously worth your time and coin.


today i met my first ever Lloyd.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

things to do before i turn 30

stay up for 24hrs, visit maine, ride on the back of a cherry picker, ride in the back of a pick up truck, visit a mountain, take a picture of a mountain, walk away from a mountain, crash a riding lawnmower, buy a push mower and wait until the neighbor uses his excessively large gas mower for his 8'x2' front lawn, wipe my brow on a hot day and say "whew!", ride local buses in order of their route number, visit vermont, visit the canadian border, sell things i don't need/use, learn how to cook a steak, eat more steak, hang out the neighborhood bar, fall asleep outside, ride on the back of a UPS truck, get all up in someone's face, visit various salems, learn how to cook rice properly, quit eating donuts for awhile, drink something fancy like a local micro-crew, ride in the back of a vintage camaro, ride in a limo, ride in a military jeep, speak fluent spanish to someone, see a whale, ride a boat, fire a handgun, learn to throw a football in a tight spiral, karaoke joplin, buy a new shirt, witness a fist-fight, give someone a decent bit of advice, visit stone zoo, witness a slap fight, witness a demolition derby, read a book about outer space, organize tax records, hold a crossbow at a wal mart, go to a jazz club, walk to work, swing a chain menacingly, and brandish an axe but not in a menacing manner. in that order.

i'v been reading a manuscript of poems that brandon scott gorell sent me. he is a force to be reckoned with.

postage for a chapbook went from $1.85 to $2.36 in less that two weeks. i asked three different postal clerks at three different post offices as to "what was up" with that and i got three different answers! one said something about higher overhead costs in the public postal sector, another said something about their accounting situation being "all wonky" and another simply said "fuck if i know. i'm only here part time."

i would like to add "visit public postal sector" to my list of things to do before i turn 30.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

supplies up for grabs

doing a bit of office cleaning. below are some items which i don't have any use for. if something grabs your eye, let me know by emailing me at "oldwesty at gmail dot com". lets work out a trade. i accept comic books and classic rock cassettes.

Epson Yellow Ink Cartridge (TO444) Still Sealed.
a box of roughly 200+ envelopes size 2.25" X 3.50"
ten sheets of printer-friendly cassette labels
1 Roll of Black 4-Ply Linen Bookbinding Thread

there might be more once i clean out the paper cabinet.

Monday, August 18, 2008

dr hook and the medicine show

flight of the conchords

the mighty boosh

title page to adam fieled's chapbook. the cover will have roughly the same image but in color. yes, i do this all in word. no, i am not too lazy to learn indesign but enough to keep deciding that i should stick with word. this will change once i become a little more less lazy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

everyone should go over and check out the cupboard. they have a pamphlet series and the first one, having been written by jesse ball, who, coincidentally, is easily one of the top five writers today, has penned the first one. can't wait to see what this series churns out in the future. go go go go go. now.

Monday, August 11, 2008

i will begin printing up laura's and adam's chapbooks by the end of the week. can't wait to get these into people's hands.

also made some broadsides for them two. laura's is a hand stamped 5x7 deal and adam's is a folded pamphlet sort of number. both will be red hot. like a thin lizzy bridge.

god damn eno-era roxy music!
the last 1:50 of this clip is terrific.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

shane jones. goodreads. dig it.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

you'll never beat tomorrow in a foot race

updated the 'soon to be released' list of chapbooks for the ghost. the list is not in any sort of order. they all got me excited. there will be another book by a guy named peter. i am cornering the market on peter poets. also finished re-reading this 'script by jamie iredell which will blow your mind up. also re-read "i am in the air right now" by kathryn regina which will also reek of awesomeness.

i've been on a press-vacation the past week. it was an excellent week. did a lot of reading and watched some pretty awful television. namely this show on ABC where this ass-clown with a 'wowzer!"-voice holds a camcorder while townsfolk repair the homes of families who suffer in unique ways. in this case, the children of the homeowners were lethally allergic to temperatures over 75 degrees. they got to have their house turned into a temp-regulated palace complete with a bowling alley and ice cream lounge. this angered me at first. but the children seemed to take to it so then i because quite overjoyed. this may or may not been the case.

i also spent a better part of an afternoon previewing songs in itunes then systematically talking myself out of purchasing said tracks. instead i bought a font online. i also started reading cormac mccarthy's border trilogy "for reals" as the kids say. oh, i finally started using my package which i signed up for ages ago. i can now watch baseball games on my computer. blackout rules apply which means i can't watch the red sox live but i can watch the archived game immediately after the conclusion of the live game. this will all come in handy when i'm cutting paper at 4am. last night i watched the cardinals beat the dodgers in the bottom of the eleventh inning. walk-off home run.

then i turned out the light on my desk and went to bed.

tomorrow i get to work on laura carter and adam fieled's chapbooks and broadsides. will proof read the drafts and clean up any layout issues. should be printing by next week!


Monday, August 04, 2008

the corduroy mtn lineup is almost final. a few more last minute decisions are to be made.
also read some great manuscripts this afternoon. more info to come.

my wife won me a harmonica yesterday playing arcade games.
this brings my won-harmonica total to a whopping eight.

her arcade-battle name is "white taco"

Sunday, August 03, 2008

update #080308

you can now let shane jones unfold you with his hairy hands!
chapbooks are available! more info HERE

the writing of shane jones is an enticing elixir culled from the ingredients of our dreams. they will stick to the electrical synapses of our brains like literary biscuits and gravy. if an at-peace jim thompson were to somehow mate with a rollercoaster, this chapbook would eat their baby.

but don't take my work for it:

"Strange and "really important sentences" make up Shane Jones' collection of stories. They are stylistically and conceptually daring, but what draws me to them is the big-heartedness that lies underneath the casual surface. You will feel a little pang in your heart when you read about the Hair Monster and his girlfriend." - Matthew Rohrer

"Shane Jones is writing from a hole he fell into a few years ago. He broke his legs and finally built a typewriter out of his leg bones. His stories are lovely and sincere and nightmarish. He gives us his whole heart and lets us laugh at it to make it beat. It's the saddest and funniest thing." - Zachary Schomburg

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

update #072908

shane's chapbooks are are cut and folded and stapled. artist copies go out tonight! they should be available this weekend over at the airforce! to celebrate i took the train downtown and walked around. it was hot so i hopped on the bus and traveled over to the grolier poetry book shop. i bought a few things.

put up some photos of my travels here

boo yes.

Monday, July 28, 2008

best author/wrestler name:

Norman "The Morman Nailer" Mailer

Thursday, July 24, 2008

update #072308

the cover to Shane Jones' chapbook. inside there'll some pretty floral pattern paper and then the meat of the thing on 24lb linen paper. as the kids say, i am "feelin" the way this one is coming along. all should be cut, trimmed, tuned, and in tip top shape by next week sometime.

Monday, July 21, 2008

update #072008

Shane's chapbook will be done either next weekend or early next week. hot a snag with the printer. ink be gone. all dried up. this is why i want a laser printer. all the paper for the covers will be cut tonight. get ready!

lightning struck a tree or a house two streets up from mine. it was the closest i've ever been to lightning. lightning also struck a tree a little bit further up as well. after the initial shock of being deafened and blinded, the whole thing was pretty awesome. luckily no one was hurt and nothing caught on fire. i like to sit by the window and watch for lightning. on the bus ride home from work i saw the dark clouds and secretly wished that "i'd see some action." then it happened. thought about playing the lottery. didn't. i also hoped a news crew from some podunk channel would show up and ask if i'd been in the shit and i'd say yes, i was in the shit. referring of course to seeing a tree struck by lightning.

after cleaning up the office i found two extra copies of peter berghoef's News of the Haircut meaning that i have exactly SIX left. so if you want one, you best get on that.

laura's and adam's chapbooks are almost formatted and should be ready sometime next month. i'll be taking a mini chapbook vacation as i get a bunch of my own poems finished and printed. these chapbooks will have broadsides.

i also read James Haug's "A Plan On How To Catch Amanda".
it is one of the best things i've read in a long, long while.
you can order it here


Thursday, July 17, 2008

is it winter yet?

why do i dislike summer so much?
two words: leathery cleavage.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Allen Bramhall's Walden Book
is now available!

copies are available HERE

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

update #071508

shane's chapbooks are in the process of being printed up as i type this. i'm trying a new approach where i print up each page in batches rather than each set individually at once. what? nevermind. tonight, with my stimulus check, i might invest in a laser printer. something insane with a ppm of 30. this excites me.

the broadsides for laura carter's chapbook are half complete. they will come with the first 20 orders.
the same will be true for adam fieled's.

current office listening lineup:

    buffalo springfield - best of
    brian eno - here come the warm jets
    gate to gate - i turn black keys
    calexico - convict pool
    funkadelic - maggot brain
    pavement - terror twilight
    bruce haack - electric lucifer

Friday, July 11, 2008

Walden Book Update

also, after a last minute correction, i will be mailing allen bramhall his copies tomorrow (finally!) so they should be up on the Joyride shortly.

The Long Hallucinations* Chapbook is SOLD OUT!
a second printing will be done up in the fall!

thanks to all who ordered!

( *the last one is going to canada.
way to come trough canada! remind
me to make an ascii text map of
canada, to thank canada. canada!)

still have a handful left of Peter B's
and Chris R's and Brian F's.

thanks again for everyone's support
and curiosity! yes.

next batch will be keeping up with the Jones'. Shane Jones BRINGS IT for lunch with these tykes of his. Then there will be Laura Carter's At The Pulse and Adam Fieled's Help! both of which will have some sort of broadside available for the first few orders. More on their awesomeness when time allows. I am going to go sleep.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

rocky point (1840-1995)

new talking sausages

holy balls is humid. for some reason i woke up early (day off from work), watched the steve wilkos show, bought a breakfast sandwich and went to town [wrote]. that's all i have for today.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

at the pulse...

the first 20 Laura Carter's chapbooks entitled At The Pulse will come with handmade broadsides! the chapbooks themselves should be available sometime in early august. each broadside will be 5x7 and each one will be unique.

i'll also be doing the same for adam fieled when his chapbook hits the streets.

stay busy.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

foley's chapbooks are flying. better get em while you can. also, started work on another batch of amazing chapbooks by shane jones, adam fieled, and laura carter. they will rock in their forthcomingness. also, the neighborhhod staples opened late due to a "system error"

when casually pressed for details, the clerk said "eh... y'know, shit happens."

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

lookout mtn lookout sea

bought the new silver jews record on saturday after work. the more i listen to it, the more i love it. it feels more classic rock. i'm a huge fan of classic rock. but calling it classic rock might seem like a backhanded compliment. i assure you, it is not a backhanded compliment. this is a damn good album. albums like this make me want to move to the eastern part of the midwest again. after the third listen, i wrote a poem about a bunch of kids stranded on a hillside watching their town be towed away. in the poem, there are several reports of brawls. here's my list of favorite joos records in order of greatness:

    bright flight
    the tennessee ep
    lookout mtn lookout sea
    natural bridge
    american water
    starlite walker
    arizona record
    tanglewood numbers

Sunday, June 29, 2008

saturday night LP lineup

    judas priest - hell bent for leather
    quicksilver mssr service - best of
    dylan thomas - christmas in wales reading
    alice cooper - school's out
    hospitals - hairdryer peace
    the monks - black monk time

Saturday, June 28, 2008

greying ghost update/ peter criss content

brian foley's chapbook is now available!
you can order it | HERE

a better image will be uploaded once it
ceases to be over 90 degrees in my apartment.
in the meantime, you get a fuzzy and
colorless image of the cover. sorry.

on a side note, i have VERY FEW copies of
peter berghoef's and Christopher RIzzo's
Chapbooks left. I mean, very few. i mean,
you wouldn't want to spend your fourth of
july pissing around because you got a bad
case of the "s'posed tas" [ "supposed to " ]
now would you?

me? i'll be working. then i'll go home,
order a steak, watch a movie, then read
the hell out of peter's and chris's books.
followed by fireworks. on tv.

this is my desktop wallpaper.
i find this sort of stuff funny.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

like the wonka golden ticket...

these are #74 & #75 of brian james foley's Tornado chapbook. they have special covers made from discarded album covers. they are different from the other 73. they might be signed. they will be randomly mailed to two lucky people who order the chapbook! speaking of the chapbook, i just need to stamp the envelopes and then they're good to go. most likely by monday they should be done. get ready, kids!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


a friend of mine asked me to describe the overall goal of my press. i replied, "its like Scatman Crothers in The Shining. It might not be the most visible or sexy, but in the end, it'll show up out of nowhere on a snowmobile, kick in the front door and get knifed by a crazy guy...while wearing a very nice sweater."

after a last minute touch up, i'll be sending out Bramhall's Walden artist copies. when he gets em, i'll put em up on the joyride. i'm very proud of this book. the writing is exceptional. they'll come with map covers and in hand stamped envelopes.

i'm also making pocket sized notebooks out of scrap paper, and they will be available also soon. in packs of five. they too will have hand stamped covers. all will be various sizes. its called riding the green wave.

foley's tornado is about a week away. everything is printed out just need to staple and whip up some envelopes.

expect some broadsides soon too.

Monday, June 23, 2008

foley, cats, and new age moms

i moved my desk in front of the window. now when i look up i get to see the people across the street lounge on their sofa and watch tv. they have very big windows for a house that size. they are almost floor to ceiling. i suppose i will have to install some curtains or tint my window now. here is what the cover to brian foley's chapbook. i think i will stick with the green. the office cat, looking regal, reaffirms by first instinct. the neighbors across the street are very interesting to watch. they have a lot of new-age stuff. very seductive lighting. the guy on the top floor wears muscle shirts and listens to hip hop. thankfully he has just installed an air conditioner so i won't feel compelled to watch him smoke grass in his room while his new age mom watches tv downstairs. more on this family as news develops.

she gets paid on friday

i am listening to records. the record player is hooked up to the vox amp. it is like being at a show. i love sundays. i've eaten ice cream today. and a cheeseburger. tonight's LP lineup:

    Joe Jackson - i am the man
    billy squier - don't say no
    devo - new traditionalists
    rolling stones - aftermath
    csny - deja vu
    thin lizzy - "life" live
    the cars - shake it up
    the who - by numbers

Saturday, June 21, 2008

you should really read this book

it is by this man

first draft of poem


To hear the box in my brother is to place his suitcase in the grand viewing room of a funeral parlor. There was a time when his strut electrified most of the Midwest. The people there wore his name on cotton. In terms of historical significance, there was the death of Pope Pius IX and then my brother’s. So for me to hear the box that’s buried in his chest I have to go back to the times he sang me an unfurled strut. He had a funny way of walking. He was born with two clubbed feet but he could still unfurl a strut. One time we drove all the way out to Iowa City on a dare. We ate Mexican food in a yellow brick building. During the drive back to Mason City he asked me if my girlfriend had a moustache. “Some girls have moustaches,” he said. “Usually you can’t tell unless you’re right up close and at an angle,” he said. “Most of the girls back home have one.” This was followed by ten continuous years of minimum payments and stints in cream auditoriums backlit by the rattlings of empty-assed hecklers. With his clubbed feet and funny way of walking he was a natural fan favorite. His prefessional name was The Widowmaker. When he died I told his wife the moustache story. Then I told everyone the moustache story. As a tribute, the women of Mason City shave their upper lips every Saturday night before heading over to the gymnasium which has since been renamed in his honor.

written in notebook 6/20

Friday, June 20, 2008

touchy customer service related rant

let me preface this rant by saying i am a used book buyer for a used book store.

the most annoying part of my day is hearing people whine when i don't buy their books. folks, if you bring in, say, two bags - roughly 50 books - and i buy, say, 25 of them, please do not smart off to me about how hard it is for you to carry the refused books back with you or to the donation drop bin located in the parking lot of a supermarket down the street. please. i understand that it is an inconvenience to you as you were hoping to amass such immense wealth from these books that smell as though they've been basting in dog piss and moth balls in the garage since the Ford administration. i completely understand your plight. but please keep in mind that:

    A: we did not substitute your books with bricks.
    B: you seemingly managed to get your book here fine
    C: we've already met our quota for piss-reeking Wally Lamb books.

for the first point, look on the bright side, your load is lighter. some of your books were indeed heavy, and i guesstimate that i might've lightened your load by a good 10 pounds. thats like taking an obese cat off your hands! or someone's head! its like i relieved you of the burden of carrying around a limb. you're welcome.

second point deals with the blatant fact that YOU SEEMINGLY MUSTERED UP THE RESOLVE TO HOOF YOUR BOOKS UPHILL FOR THREE BLOCKS IN THE RELATIVELY COOL TEMPERATURES IN A PAIR OF TREMENDOUSLY SUPPORTIVE ATHLETIC SNEAKERS. i mean, you got em here ok, and since your load is hereby reduced by an estimated 10lbs, you are looking golden for that return trip!

the last point is my personal favorite. man, the shit people bring in! besides the obvious reasons why we reject books (highlighting, current stock levels, past sales) here are a few i've had to give this week alone:

    "this book doesn't have a cover"
    "this book has been ripped in half"
    "this book has severe water damage"
    "this book has no cover and has been ripped in half"
    "this book has been ripped in half and soaked in water. also, its missing its cover."
    "this one has drill holes through it"
    "this is a telephone book. from texas. from 1989"

i know sometimes when your cleaning and you just want to get rid of stuff so you just throw it all in box and hope maybe you'll get something out of it. all i'm asking for is some basic pre-screening common sense. don't get huffy-puffy at me because i won't buy your fecal-encrusted phonebook or your halved first edition Maeve Binchy novels. no, you should throw a hissy fit at your pre-screening skills.

that's all.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


ate a 17oz rib-eye steak at the hilltop steakhouse tonight. the wife even paid! now i feel like i have a small baby in my stomach. i had no idea being pregnant felt so delicious. photos forthcoming.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

good reads n plenty

added Naturalistless and Long Hallucinations to goodreads.

it is 88 degrees in my living room.
down from a high of 96.
i am looking svelte.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ghosting grey

The Long Hallucinations is down to three copies.
i'll print a second edition later in the summer.

updated the Greying Ghost site.

i wil be mailing allen's copies of his chap tomorrow.
he lives nearby. so by the end of the week they will be
available to ya'll.

brian foley's Tornado is seeing the light at the end of
the tunnel. in honor of western mass being under a
tornado watch, i will work in this heat.

also get ready for chapbooks by shane jones, laura carter,
adam fieled and more!

also, the cassette portion of the menu will
be kicking things off in mid july with a
healthy assortment of jams.

contrary to an earlier post, i trimmed my beard.

cog sinister no way

someday, i will be all over this. being a train conductor for the cog sounds like a hoot. i'm bumping it up the dream-job chart to number 3, behind small barge captain, and chief of police in heaven. it is 93 in my living room. an hour ago it was 87.

in front of the fridge

Anchorite has a new chapbook out.
it is by David Gitin. It'll cool you down.
more info | here

Monday, June 09, 2008

the office cat scans

odds and ends

- i've been late with the mail orders. everything will be in the mail by tuesday.
- walden book by al bramhall will be available shortly
- i am not trimming my beard

short pants

for the first time in years, many years, i am wearing shorts that were store bought (target) and not just an old pair of jeans cut off at the knee.


if you are reading this and you came out to the poetry reading tonight, give yourself some applause. the reading went great. everyone brought their A game. gave a bunch of books away which seems sort of smarmy, yes, i agree. but whatever. they're all way better poets and in some cases traveled from afar so hell, have some extra reading material! in all, it was great to meet everyone and we had a good crowd and free beer, that's all a man could ask for.

i have a few extra copies of The Long Hallucinations which i'll throw up on the Joyride on tuesday.

also, i found this zach schomburg poem while going through the old pettycoat relaxer archives:

    Letter to the Late Baron

    Thanks for the lung. It's working beautifully. It's the other I worry about now. But none the less, I left the house for the first time since October i got a haircut, picked up a few items. The haircut follows me in my dreams, wants to kill me, chases me off cliffs and what not. I couldn't sleep so I dug a tunnel in my backyard and at the end of it was a country western bar. I've been visiting religiously since. It's the loneliest place I've ever been. Instead of a jukebox, they have an aquarium of sorts there filled entirely with ghosts that are released to fill voids. I'll sit in the bar's darkest corner with my beers and wear a lampshade. Crack some walnuts. Crack some walnuts with my new claw.

i think the new corduroy mtn. will be a mix of old pettycoat poems and new stuff people have sent.
i'll try and hunt down those that were in PR and get their ok first.

more info later

Thursday, June 05, 2008

yet another lit mag?!

pettycoat relaxer is back but under a new name and this time in a print format.
more info can be had at the The Corduroy Mtn. page.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Reading Update

quick reminder about the awesome reading on sunday.
i've never been this excited to do a reading.

i will have copies of my new chapbook, in a special
limited edition for those of you attend. they will be
cheap and beautiful. like hotel paintings.

chapbook is called "The Long Hallucinations"
and will come with a separate short story
called "The Short Hallucination"

pics above.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Christopher Rizzo - Naturalistless

Chris Rizzo's Naturalistless is now available.
you can order it | HERE

Friday, May 30, 2008

elderly lanes

i've also been riding my bike when i get home from work. usually around the block a few times then a lap around the pond. then we sit, my bike and I, and wait for the elderly and the children to go away. then i go back to tearing ass. this helps me immensely.
just as there is a bike lane, there should be an elderly lane and an invalid lane or a combination of the two. preferably up high, like up in space somewhere. or maybe more benches. because they never make it around the pond completely. my apologies for these sweeping generalizations of mine.

Walden Book Update

finished the envelopes for allen's chap tonight. the scan looks a bit too orange-y. its really more tan than orange. can't believe how niiice these bastards came out. these and rizzo's will be available soon. keep your pants on, please. hold your horses.

i'm also finishing up a few special copies of my new chapbook called "long hallucinations"
these will only be available at the reading. and will have antlers on the cover.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

i am printing up a short run of chapbooks to sell at my reading on june 8th @ 6pm in the basement of brookline booksmith. will be warming up the crowd for zach schomburg, ruaun klassnik, & chad reynolds. they will be special "commemorative" chapbooks, mostly because i dislike doing readings [or leave the house]. but this is going to be great. these are great, great poets and it would be fun to ride their coattails for an evening. chapbooks will be signed and numbered and have some pieces from this new "prose poem" kick i'm on.

brookline booksmith is located at 279 harvard street in brookline, ma. you can take the green C line to coolidge corner.
limited street parking is available and since its on a sunday, its free as hell. come hear some poetry and see the place where i work. sit in my desk chair if you like. i'll also be making some flyers this weekend.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


christopher rizzo's "Naturalistless" is 99.9% done. just a few more touch ups here and there. they came out lookin' real damn good. the writing in this is damn good too. dude runs Anchorite, a amazing press which puts everyone to shame. makes me feel like some kinkos zine freak. but these ones came out great and i'm still learning and experimenting with different forms and functions-like the writing in this chap. anyways, they should be available soon. just have to mail CR his copies.

allen's chapbooks is almost done as well. just have to stamp up some envelopes.
brian's will be done in a week or two. both will rock you like category 4 hurricane.
or whichever category will rip your roof off.

on a side note, peter berghoef's chapbooks are almost gone. i have something crazy like ten left.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

first, i've been addicted to six sentences. you should check it and send them six lines. second, while printing, i've been checking out T207. great images and memorabilia. yes, i spelled memorabilia on the first try.

the overcast afternoon

new mixtape posted.

future mix themes:

    rare classic rock
    found tapes
    bike jamz
    people reading poems
    live tracks

Friday, May 16, 2008


The Weed Sheriff

Mama, take this badge off of me and put my guns in the ground. There’s very little use out here for a sheriff, mama. There used to be the healing sanctum off the frontage road where uprooted vagabonds from across the river liked to showbiz their hats to one another. That’s a slang term, mama, for a lewd sex act. That’s all there is here—lewd sex and those great big burial brutes from antebellum America who’ve taken over the hills. That’s it. Not like up north in the royal sobriquet city where they’re constantly fishing them ladies with the rented perms from motel pools. Hell, my buddy on the force up there says it happens every weekend. Not like here where maybe once in awhile there’ll be vehicle accident on the interstate or a skirmish up in the hills. And usually that’s just the palsy-boys with the thinning hair dueling one another for their weightlifting equipment. No, mama, most mornings all I do is walk through all the rooms of my house making sure the windows are locked. Then I simply sit and wait for the phone to ring. But the phone never rings, mama. Unless of course the palsy-boys are back at it or the queers are out behind The Candescent Bar again. No, mama, I’m afraid all I do now is sit and wait. That’s why I’m dictating this letter to you. I’d call but I don’t want to tie up the line.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ill pt2

The Tariff On Wives & Wallpaper

The papers have reported a tariff on wives and wallpapers. Sudden couples stuck in long guzzling bars, soon to be single women out on the town, even the flushed and the floral were all subject to the tariff. Everyone in the bar sags at the news as it is read aloud. The chiefly foreign linnet-like women sag. The bartender assures us all that his newly widowed mother will sag when she hears this. Some of the men with broken legs who seem suitably content to stand themselves to death, sag a little while reaching for their wallets. Aging heirs unleash a yelp then sag. Even the paunchy rucksacks who are neither fond of women nor the news nor the print medium sag. To lighten the mood, the least-paunchy of the rucksacks hands me a handful of picturesque postcards he’d bought for his floating parents back home. There was one of a half naked baby crying after having its swimming trunks snatched off by a trunk-hungry demon fish. That one seemed to do the trick.


stomach ain't right so i'm home writing poems in the brightest room in the house. i'm working on a new collection of poems called "The Long Hallucinations". hopefully i'll have it ready for my reading on june 8th. but maybe not. the red sox are on the radio and i feel like i did that morning in new mexico (aimee will get this). here's something new:


In Kentucky heat we’d been stranded so we sat and watched the headlights burn into the borderland. Later that night, in a rotten ranch room slept to the right, we’d all gotten drunk by ourselves. This was the fashionable thing to do. And on a saddle-mattress we’d developed from a cash lady (she was ideal) we huddled around the hand-crank radio and listened for updates on a shortwave station. And all we could hear were her flapping flags. We told her to stop flapping her flags. Then we turned everything off and got into the truck. The heat and the fire and all the borderlands were getting closer. Goodbye goldenrods and daily rigors. Goodbye, dry towns, goodbye.

[fr dream notebook, 1st draft]

Monday, May 12, 2008

el senator!

say hello to my awesome new bike. it is from austria and was found at a yardsale on saturday for $10.00 (american) by two awesome kids, jake and momo. it needs some work but the frame is beautiful and the color, plus the little details are exactly what i had envisioned. plus i'll get to get my hands dirty fixing it up. hooray for economic stimulus packages!

huge thanks to j+m for grabbing this and looking it over.
they will be an endless source of information...

a w e s o m e

Sunday, May 11, 2008

muxtape #one

have a listen to what i listen to | over here

or perhaps say hello to taiga. they are putting out the first of a series of chapbooks starting in july. or if you already know them, say hello again. they miss you. let them know you are ok.

things here at the joyride powerplant are kicking into high gear. i'm a bit behind in the mail department but all be caught up tomorrow. so any outstanding BERGHOEF orders should be at your doorstep pronto.

the next three chaps, give em another week or two. they are looking good. like white-denim jumpsuit good. finished cutting the covers for brian's chap yesterday (in an allergy medication haze) while listening to the new Hospitals record entitled "hairdryer peace". them both is incredible.

them both is.

also finished a bio on iggy pop called "open up and bleed" and have been wasting a lot of time searching youtube for old stooges footage. i hope someday, some one brings back the drunk-mechanic-in-need-of-quaaludes look. that was a very good look for him. they same was true for billy joel (re: uptown girl).

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Walden Book

allen's chaps are looking amazing. i am tooting my own horn on this. its a good feeling to visualize a concept and see it through. the poems in this beast are huge. like seeing a foreign city lit up at night for the first time. that's the best way to describe it.

tomorrow i make an emergency paper run as i thought i had more of something i have quite little of. here's to hoping they still the same pattern or something similar. i should plan this shit out better but where's the fun in that.

also, while on the bus today, i kept reading what the woman in front of me was jotting down in her notebook. highlights include:

    GET BILLZ [sic]
    "rob + salad mix + soda"
    "butcher 2:00"
    "call mel get $ (underlined a lot)"

Sunday, May 04, 2008

quick one while he's a way

just a reminder that my supply of peter berghoef's AWESOME chapbook News of the Haircut is slowly dwindling. and after i bring some to sell at work, i'll only have about twenty left. so now is the time to GET YOURS. ordering info can be had | HERE.

i've been a bit behind on my getting orders out as i've been trying to make some headway on the next batch. but i assure you all orders will be in the mail by monday morning.

i'll might be printing up a second edition (without the packaging) at a later date once the first run has been depleted. i'll talk it over with each writer beforehand in case anyone's against it. same rules re: artist's copies will apply.

also, get ready for this dude. his stories will be blowing your mind via greying ghost at some point in the future.

things are rulin'


Thursday, May 01, 2008

ghost news

these are the uncut covers to Allen Bramhall's chap.
there's maybe a one inch border of bleed that needs to be trimmed.
sorry for the poor photo quality. tomorrow night i cut the
paper for brian foley's tornado.

running with the sickazz dogs!

won $100.00 playing a scratch ticket.
that's like winning free ink, paper, and an ice cream cake.
in that exact order.

that's all.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"the MAKE TRAX scoring record - a whopping 1,508,310"

finally got everyone's chapbooks all formatted on the computer. tonight/tomorrow morning they get CX4800'd.

spent the afternoon thrift store hopping. all i found was howard the duck #18 and something called "blip: the video game magazine." it is from 1982 and features a super-bushy-'stached super mario dude making out with a blonde lady. the best way to describe this, is that mario is cleaning her mouth. with this tongue. and super bushy mustachio. total hair lip hi jinx. there's also a shocking expose on donkey kong and an exclusive tip on how to beat Centipede. this must be from when Marvel Comics was making money hand over fist and decided to put out anything some meth-riddled intern thought sounded gnarly.

oh, and there's a video hall of fame article penned by walt day {fr. king of kong fame}. walter was the guy who authenticated video game scores and created an official high score acknowledgment system. a record book for video game play if you will. sadly, no mention of billy mitchell's god-fearing mullet.

its like someone took that mullet to the mountain top and let the good lord shine his light on thee.

off to the office supply store for paper.

Monday, April 28, 2008

exercise, shirt exorcism

happily, aimee found a pile of old shirts of mine in the walk-in closet. i had forgotten about these shirts. my shirt arsenal has been tripled. my shirt gun is cocked and ready to explode.

i will also take this time to make public my new workout regiment. for instance, today aimee and I played light-toss frisbee for about fifteen minutes. we were pretty bad at frisbee. we were winded pretty quick having to hoof after our wild throws. after fifteen minutes we threw up our hands and decided to walk to the liquor store to buy some beer. I then went inside and tried on the aforementioned shirts. all but one fit. exercise is awesome. we drove to dedham for burritos.

added some old sci-fi covers to flickr

Sunday, April 27, 2008

youtube finds of the week

blog changes

so i'm turning this back into a regular blog. mostly, because i'm keeping some newer writings private. i'll still post a few things as i see fit. i'll be one of those guys who keeps all his notebooks and poems locked up in a suitcase. buried under the rusted out honda in the backyard! i'll guard it with a gun and a dog. a huge dog. a huge air-bud dog. it will dribble your head like a basketball. it won't be a golden retriever. moving on...

in a few weeks i'll be locking myself up in a budget motel somewhere where i'll spend an entire weekend writing and drinking beer alone with HBO on mute. no distractions. no internet. nothing. a lot will be produced. i'm thinking about a motel on route one somewhere. so i get cabin fever i can walk over to the batting cages, take a few hacks, and then eat some ice cream. thereby defeating the purpose of the entire weekend.

three new greying ghost chaps are coming along. allen bramhall, brian foley, and christopher rizzo will be represented in one way or another. i've been reading their poems over and over. all three are very different from one another. more info in a few. and some pictures also.

also got a slew of tapes coming out on "taped division" by some pretty incredible bands. they will melt your ears or whatever the saying is. they will kill. or slay. or issue a campaign of wrath. details soon.

went to the IHOP in norwood last night for some dinner-breakfast. food was epic. should've ordered the bacon. i hear their bacon tastes like sweet sweet music. not that garbage we buy at shaw's. no, that that bacon tastes like it was made from lips and assholes. instead i ordered the buttermilks and a plate of hash browns. wasn't hungry for fifteen hour.

i'm beardless. for now.