Saturday, October 27, 2007


the history of a city with
its lights turned off. clad
in eurethanes in western
ohio, sitting with hiccups
in neon alcoholic rooms.
traced into air with rust
and washed away in the
drawl of american water.
teft only in the songs of
the quiescent. big songs
lorn in titty bars. backup
singers follow you home.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


all the saginaw crags
of a laundromat. big
dryer guillotine rolls.
a warp of heads. dry
heads. king cranium
of wet-heffer county.


lexington flights
borne on poles by
two dudes. mere
brahamins. cogs
on generic horse
hair aluminums.


the smoke rises in
enoch pratt free. a
hundred pages of
best western maid
staffs in the throes

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


old cocky horsehair!
the woman with the
tooth in the avenue.
and jean. they used
to wake up in here.


the half dozen
rivulets in hell
dried up. all of
th’sick kids get
bertolt brecht.


the checkered past of
an experienced hand.
titled irrigation pianos.


a cut the shit
civil war.


showbiz our hats
to one another. we
rent perms to fend
off diseases stolen
from five borough
wig-thiefs. header:
“maiden the usa!”


attention with journeymen. lost
in the flirt of midnight as it reverses
itself. a mishap through hunger. top-
notch. wandering the city, too like
country songs. sad straphangers .


the public intoxication of a mailman
reading thinking of you on one of those
floating postcards. the sort you find in
southwestern convenience 7-11’s with
a flint of pallor. too hot + dry. it reads,
and everyone here hates northerners

Saturday, October 13, 2007


just a lifetime of miracles and
parables in crossword puzzles.
two ruffians translating a lasso
maneuver into the wallop of
equestrian thighs. a five letter
synonym for whet. ten across.

Friday, October 12, 2007


two famous hats were built
to adorn the walls of a local
motel. the local guys from
the steelyard called it a bit
subdued. there should be
more than two, they wrote.
the assholes from the city
called it predictable. them
being partially bald and all.


the mishmash of poems,
one after another one in
frantic equine eruptions.
or duplicitous jokes, the
rustling of glad bags.


the kerning of the grass.
districts. duh-dancers in
a dirigible dawn bring
the typical lights. you’re
a stomach? I overheard.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


we’ll save the criticism
for the lacquered armrests
of Americans.


a tired suitcase meets me
by the heirloom banister
dressed in mahogany slips
of promotional palsy. lefts
through all the rooms in
our house. the ballad-up
porch. whiskered lawn.


a strange architecture
of early onset twilight.
scale-model majorette
parades sauntering up
an apostrophe around
an Arab. if you bring
your name to me I will
bring my name to you.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


the abernathy
fanbase. or the
at the gates of
lee roth, 1984.


"bring your name
to me and I’ll bring
my name to you.... “


compared prison life to
gymnastics and Christ.
the healing sanctums off
the frontage road where
uprooted vagabonds go
to duel local lodgers for
weightlifting equipment.


the garden continues
to exist. so dismantle
the garden using items
such as mirrors, bicycle
wheels, cement, paint.


on the silver to
city point. under
the airport. ship-
ments in all of us,
going out. waving.
motorized clouds.


a nurse phones in
my wounds. bucolics
on electric medicine.
fort point women in
heels. the tastes of
a truant, gold solo.