Thursday, July 26, 2007

tundra rats

after brief tech glitch, shit is back
in gear. new computer means ev'thang
is now back/backed up.

new audio tykes are finished and are being
dubbed to cassette. new chapbooks can
now hit the printer's ink.

during said tech glitch, i was able to catch up
on my tape listening. below is a list of tapes
and their corresponding household task i
performed while listening.

    sonic youth - live in vienna 1989 | unloading/reloading dishwasher
    spine scavenger - the raider | sweeping the stairs
    mammal - badlands | watering plants
    led zeppelin - III | trash basketball

    below is a list of famous songs
    with the phrase "tube-snake" substituted:

    [edit: sounded funny on the bus, but....]

pray to the JVC gods that my JVC cassette deck
performs up to the standards set by the JVC
promotional manual: with a touch of class!

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