Monday, July 30, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

burlap gaps

draw a desert and a drink
of satisfying water, a flag
in the anteroom, crossing
your legs in a reunion, ill
livery vests--here, he says,
they won’t build roads up
and over; they’ll just blast
though these mountains.

tundra rats

after brief tech glitch, shit is back
in gear. new computer means ev'thang
is now back/backed up.

new audio tykes are finished and are being
dubbed to cassette. new chapbooks can
now hit the printer's ink.

during said tech glitch, i was able to catch up
on my tape listening. below is a list of tapes
and their corresponding household task i
performed while listening.

    sonic youth - live in vienna 1989 | unloading/reloading dishwasher
    spine scavenger - the raider | sweeping the stairs
    mammal - badlands | watering plants
    led zeppelin - III | trash basketball

    below is a list of famous songs
    with the phrase "tube-snake" substituted:

    [edit: sounded funny on the bus, but....]

pray to the JVC gods that my JVC cassette deck
performs up to the standards set by the JVC
promotional manual: with a touch of class!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Monday, July 16, 2007

triptych trencher update

almost finished with the
cassette packages. found
a stack of old piano scores
at a flea market. cheap.
figured i'd put em to use.

here's a preview:

still finishing dubs.
and writing some blurbs.
stay tuned.


the candescent edits

old vices sung to the whiff
of congressionalist history
shipped in fifty two drums
of autumn for $7.85 (deal!)
but I’ve lost my hat during
the transfer from Saturday
night rich to Sunday morn
poor in candescent parlors
of newish iron with a weed
sheriff and this macallister
gun distiller from the royal
sobriquet city where ladies
are usually tossed in pools

Monday, July 09, 2007

triptych trencher cassette updates!

almost done with new batch of
triptych trencher tapes. so far
got all the tunes backed up and all
the labels printed and stickered.
next step will be dubbing the
little tykes. here's a peak:

"clarendon holy excerpts"

"airforce joyride"

"duel falcons"


Friday, July 06, 2007

used book of the day

the new science of skin and scuba diving
by the council for national co-operation in aquatics
c1970 association press

sample phrases:

    "air embolism"
    "blow-out pneumathorax"
    "mediastinal emphysema"
    "never dive alone"
    fig. 67. trouble"
    under the breakers, towing a float"
    "jaw held forward by finger in mouth"
    "scuba to skin diver exchange"
    "X 5/9 = centigrade"