Tuesday, June 19, 2007

second used book of the day

rommel drives on deep into egypt
by richard brautigan
c1970 delta books

while the poems don't do anything for
me, there happens to be this poem
handwritten on the last page:

    "this longing....sorrow
    more constant than the light of day
    but as inevitable, more constant
    than a tough, a visit, a friendship.
    eight months now-at least-I am
    tired of this physical inconvenience
    of carrying this baby and am eager
    to give birth. but, god not stillborn!
    imaginings, dreams, but not yet visions,
    they are. not yet even the vision of real
    things- knowledge worth having; but, god,
    the hope of the vision of joy in reality
    and pain of its absence: this longing.
    your touch is most welcome. pray, be more
    constant than at least sorrow."

almost a direst response
to brautigan's:
    "forget love
    i want to die
    in your yellow

on a side note, when i was younger,
i constantly confused richard brautigan
with popular thespian, kennth branagh.

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