Monday, June 18, 2007

lightning still tastes like gangs!

in the intrest of trying to get back
into the habit of writing on a regular basis,
i am bringing back the blog. hooray.

let me catch you up to speed:

- triptych trencher

    about a year ago i started triptych trencher. it's about as close
    as having an unemployed uncle as one can get. sometimes it's a
    noise band, sometimes a printing press, once or twice an official
    notary public, small claims adjuster, rogue analyst, and home run
    champion in the simi valley california little league division. to date
    there have been twelve releases (ten 3" cds, and two poetry chap-
    books) with lots of zany ideas planned for the upcoming months,
    most noteworthy being a handful of cassettes, a cd-on-a-plate
    release, and a chapbook of poems by a co-worker of mine.
    stuff has been selling at a shocking clip lately so stay tuned to
    the blog for periodic updates.

- i now have the world's greatest job: used book buyer.
    who knew the people of brookline and newton were so lascivious!
    so secretive with their post it notes! so repressed in their
    shopping lists! so outward in their lust for prescription meds!
    expect some updates on odd book finds and in-book finds.

- writing.
    i currently have enough rough material for seven chapbooks.
    you can read my lists of possible titles here

- i'm getting married.

- i'm trying to lose weight.

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