Thursday, June 28, 2007

heard every 10min

for the last hour, i made a note
of everything i overheard in exact
ten minute intervals:

    "...paddock delray?"
    "...well i hope neil young can remember..."
    " mean... oh, ok!"
    "...he basically galvanized them."
    "do you take donations?"
    "ooh, honey look. george orwell! i've heard of him!!"

used book of the day

worshipful company of fletchers
by jmaes tate
c1994 ecco press

fr "the nitrogen cycle"

    "my name," he finally replied,
    is mr. ashby. please address me
    by that name or i will embarass you
    by telling you a beautiful story."

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

me: what's for dinner?!

radio: beef!

used book of the day

"full of secrets: critical approached to twin peaks"
ed. david lavery
c1995 wayne state press

select chapter headings:

    "the semiotics of cobbler: twin peaks' interpretive community"
    "the canonization of laura palmer"
    "the derationalization of detection in twin peaks"
    "entering the body of reality in twin peaks"

trench update

some releases now available
thru hanson mailorder.

"american gurneys" officially hits the ink
this week. followed by "infant denims (small poems)".

2 tapes should be ready in early july.
both feature short wave radio manipulation!
titles are forthcoming...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

used book of the day

species of space and other pieces
by georges perec
c1999 penguin books

from the chapter
"some of the things i
really must do before i die"

    "4. acquire various household appliances
    13. take a trip in a submarine
    23. i'd like to travel along canals
    25. learn to play drums"

Friday, June 22, 2007

chapbook updates

completed writing poems for
american gurneys. up next, the
rough versions of infant denim
and the forever on hiatus,
hank aaron, poems

Thursday, June 21, 2007

used book of the day

san francisco poems
by lawrence ferlinghetti
c1998 | city lights ($5.00)

    "drunks in doorways
    moons on trees
    the dog trots freely thru the street"

leonard cohen gravy bags bash

just overheard:

    "...leonard cohen..."
    "...hawaiian-style beach bash!"
    "...gravy bags..."

in consecutive sentences.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

second used book of the day

rommel drives on deep into egypt
by richard brautigan
c1970 delta books

while the poems don't do anything for
me, there happens to be this poem
handwritten on the last page:

    "this longing....sorrow
    more constant than the light of day
    but as inevitable, more constant
    than a tough, a visit, a friendship.
    eight months now-at least-I am
    tired of this physical inconvenience
    of carrying this baby and am eager
    to give birth. but, god not stillborn!
    imaginings, dreams, but not yet visions,
    they are. not yet even the vision of real
    things- knowledge worth having; but, god,
    the hope of the vision of joy in reality
    and pain of its absence: this longing.
    your touch is most welcome. pray, be more
    constant than at least sorrow."

almost a direst response
to brautigan's:
    "forget love
    i want to die
    in your yellow

on a side note, when i was younger,
i constantly confused richard brautigan
with popular thespian, kennth branagh.

used book of the day

The Oxford Advanced Atlas
by Oxford University Press


    - detailed map of "laurentic basin"
    - detailed british isles isobar map
    - flight patterns and ocean currents
    - south america in hot pink

inscribed as such:
    barbara ciampa
    40 sherburne rd hex.

Monday, June 18, 2007

from the notebooks.

    pg 2.

    super shook the
    borderlands. shot
    in egleston's leg.
    we haven’t rent.
    hook of the night
    boarding the bus.

    pg 3.

    skygreen bluebirds
    of a laundromat. big
    dryer guillotine roll.
    a warp of heads. dry
    heads. king cranium
    of wet heffer county.

    pg 4.

    can take off
    my shoes and
    stay in an s.s.
    hotel to keep
    my spirits up.

lightning still tastes like gangs!

in the intrest of trying to get back
into the habit of writing on a regular basis,
i am bringing back the blog. hooray.

let me catch you up to speed:

- triptych trencher

    about a year ago i started triptych trencher. it's about as close
    as having an unemployed uncle as one can get. sometimes it's a
    noise band, sometimes a printing press, once or twice an official
    notary public, small claims adjuster, rogue analyst, and home run
    champion in the simi valley california little league division. to date
    there have been twelve releases (ten 3" cds, and two poetry chap-
    books) with lots of zany ideas planned for the upcoming months,
    most noteworthy being a handful of cassettes, a cd-on-a-plate
    release, and a chapbook of poems by a co-worker of mine.
    stuff has been selling at a shocking clip lately so stay tuned to
    the blog for periodic updates.

- i now have the world's greatest job: used book buyer.
    who knew the people of brookline and newton were so lascivious!
    so secretive with their post it notes! so repressed in their
    shopping lists! so outward in their lust for prescription meds!
    expect some updates on odd book finds and in-book finds.

- writing.
    i currently have enough rough material for seven chapbooks.
    you can read my lists of possible titles here

- i'm getting married.

- i'm trying to lose weight.