Wednesday, December 26, 2007


best western maids
covered in slide locks
the archdioces suite.
the speed of my life
when filmed at night.


transfer tickets
make sense t’me.
green to sullivan.
this sweet casket
we’re riding in.


bandillerro bros
by the fence. they
have faces torted
with pre-punches.
denim ev’thang.


grapes of gang police
shot at in Yakima Co.
blued eyes as two-step
data birds made anew
by the flowing of wine

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


my life-long leafed,
scrolled finials on
east berkely street,
some slipping, and
then they are gone.


his dad, haunted
by the ghost of

satana clause.

    -- from my notebook

Saturday, December 01, 2007


been in airports where
the tvs were all attached
to chairs. i was waiting
for you. i might still
wait for you.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


" world
of passwords!"


haunted by the lines
in your head. worse yet,
when they walk away,
n'you have to sit there
like an ass.

Monday, November 26, 2007


friends in the gray
of my breast pocket.
i was in the grocer
(by hyde) when they
spilled out. now i
can not read them.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


pull (do not
slam) out gently.

the soapy ears
hear the dirt.


horsecock eyes, eh
derby darlings? pre-
race on the floors, oh
c’mon. I will never
live this life again.


a borderland of two
hundred pages. nor
have we rent to read.
the neighbors ruled.
the novel has ended.


ruffians who can
weep-dance their
own drugs. ha.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


we move with destroyers
and wrong throat singers
whelmed by the turnstiles
of sick kids. on th’rise are
the songs. but they can’t
come out. they gargle up
on th’back of our tongues.
it is there where they stay.
we are forced to sing with
our hands but th’sick kids,
hate it. it makes ‘em sicker.
so we continue to move.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


the history of a city with
its lights turned off. clad
in eurethanes in western
ohio, sitting with hiccups
in neon alcoholic rooms.
traced into air with rust
and washed away in the
drawl of american water.
teft only in the songs of
the quiescent. big songs
lorn in titty bars. backup
singers follow you home.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


all the saginaw crags
of a laundromat. big
dryer guillotine rolls.
a warp of heads. dry
heads. king cranium
of wet-heffer county.


lexington flights
borne on poles by
two dudes. mere
brahamins. cogs
on generic horse
hair aluminums.


the smoke rises in
enoch pratt free. a
hundred pages of
best western maid
staffs in the throes

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


old cocky horsehair!
the woman with the
tooth in the avenue.
and jean. they used
to wake up in here.


the half dozen
rivulets in hell
dried up. all of
th’sick kids get
bertolt brecht.


the checkered past of
an experienced hand.
titled irrigation pianos.


a cut the shit
civil war.


showbiz our hats
to one another. we
rent perms to fend
off diseases stolen
from five borough
wig-thiefs. header:
“maiden the usa!”


attention with journeymen. lost
in the flirt of midnight as it reverses
itself. a mishap through hunger. top-
notch. wandering the city, too like
country songs. sad straphangers .


the public intoxication of a mailman
reading thinking of you on one of those
floating postcards. the sort you find in
southwestern convenience 7-11’s with
a flint of pallor. too hot + dry. it reads,
and everyone here hates northerners

Saturday, October 13, 2007


just a lifetime of miracles and
parables in crossword puzzles.
two ruffians translating a lasso
maneuver into the wallop of
equestrian thighs. a five letter
synonym for whet. ten across.

Friday, October 12, 2007


two famous hats were built
to adorn the walls of a local
motel. the local guys from
the steelyard called it a bit
subdued. there should be
more than two, they wrote.
the assholes from the city
called it predictable. them
being partially bald and all.


the mishmash of poems,
one after another one in
frantic equine eruptions.
or duplicitous jokes, the
rustling of glad bags.


the kerning of the grass.
districts. duh-dancers in
a dirigible dawn bring
the typical lights. you’re
a stomach? I overheard.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


we’ll save the criticism
for the lacquered armrests
of Americans.


a tired suitcase meets me
by the heirloom banister
dressed in mahogany slips
of promotional palsy. lefts
through all the rooms in
our house. the ballad-up
porch. whiskered lawn.


a strange architecture
of early onset twilight.
scale-model majorette
parades sauntering up
an apostrophe around
an Arab. if you bring
your name to me I will
bring my name to you.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


the abernathy
fanbase. or the
at the gates of
lee roth, 1984.


"bring your name
to me and I’ll bring
my name to you.... “


compared prison life to
gymnastics and Christ.
the healing sanctums off
the frontage road where
uprooted vagabonds go
to duel local lodgers for
weightlifting equipment.


the garden continues
to exist. so dismantle
the garden using items
such as mirrors, bicycle
wheels, cement, paint.


on the silver to
city point. under
the airport. ship-
ments in all of us,
going out. waving.
motorized clouds.


a nurse phones in
my wounds. bucolics
on electric medicine.
fort point women in
heels. the tastes of
a truant, gold solo.

Monday, September 17, 2007


tell your hat to shut
up, or have your arms
tell your hat to shut
up. or just use your big
head to drop your
hat into the harbor.


super shook the
borderlands. shot
in nashville’s leg.
we haven’t rent.
hook of the night
boarding the bus.


the depth of any
discomfort. heed
an act like death
of/at a party. all
through doors in
damndest chorus.

Friday, August 31, 2007


we’re writ with juan. you must’ve
broken the tuner on Amsterdam
and 127th, dancing for the barrio
under the nom de plume: coiffeur
of chivalries, but rained upon, (in
this city) a corpus chorus of beats
and’ll dance in the face of anyone.


pairs of air beds
sleep in dry wry


public brunettes, you
reminded me of your
legs’ inveigling lure.


of nautical districts writ w/
the jean-chested under-arms
of the wetted witnesses

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


"these dirt-bags
grimaced in some
clean breezes"


little baby devils grinding off
the legs of a lisp with oils and
stolen from elegiac tanks built
to crumple our engines into
the wet duffle bag of history


"if there’s a reunion, it’ll be
in livery vests," he says. "bet
they won’t build 'em roads
up'n over; they’n just bust
though these here hills."

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


draw a desert and a drink
of satisfying water. a flag in
the main room showing us
where we’ll be saluting two
fully functioning legs.


war movies: all of
the trap doors in a
giant horse’s ass.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


at the end of natural flight,
slurred steps. big strokes of
lone casemate leaps, dates
signal headwaters ahead. a
bend in your fog for a few
flying graves to follow you
through. graves filled with
mood-valets; putrid peons.


salt in seas like bull tongues
in a ravine. a dust of black eyes
on the back of a postcard. on
the anniversary of denim, we
could likely list things all day.


the art of the alone. actually
sit down with me, come out
of the cold and hang your hat
on my head. I deserve it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


and all the women know
each other by name. half
hours of archived twilight
on bread bleeders. bits of
talk amongst guests. but
ambrose, aghast for free.


“costly,” he said. “that’s
how I’d describe the
magnitude of our loss.”
then, “you should roll
my fat ass to the bank.”


equine pistols
blasting waiting
room chairs. piss
in piles. there is
plenty to pilfer.

Monday, August 20, 2007


the rattle of the rural
bulwark rises having
risen, videotaped, like
laureate salt statues.


in line at the old
grocer. the speed
of my death when
filmed. capricola
and bread noir.


ten continuous years
of minimumpayments
in cream auditoriums
backlit by rattlings of
empty assed hecklers

Monday, August 13, 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007


"and that is the largest battleship in the world, i said.
and see how small it really is. isn't that encouraging?"

- james tate

Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday, July 30, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

burlap gaps

draw a desert and a drink
of satisfying water, a flag
in the anteroom, crossing
your legs in a reunion, ill
livery vests--here, he says,
they won’t build roads up
and over; they’ll just blast
though these mountains.

tundra rats

after brief tech glitch, shit is back
in gear. new computer means ev'thang
is now back/backed up.

new audio tykes are finished and are being
dubbed to cassette. new chapbooks can
now hit the printer's ink.

during said tech glitch, i was able to catch up
on my tape listening. below is a list of tapes
and their corresponding household task i
performed while listening.

    sonic youth - live in vienna 1989 | unloading/reloading dishwasher
    spine scavenger - the raider | sweeping the stairs
    mammal - badlands | watering plants
    led zeppelin - III | trash basketball

    below is a list of famous songs
    with the phrase "tube-snake" substituted:

    [edit: sounded funny on the bus, but....]

pray to the JVC gods that my JVC cassette deck
performs up to the standards set by the JVC
promotional manual: with a touch of class!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Monday, July 16, 2007

triptych trencher update

almost finished with the
cassette packages. found
a stack of old piano scores
at a flea market. cheap.
figured i'd put em to use.

here's a preview:

still finishing dubs.
and writing some blurbs.
stay tuned.


the candescent edits

old vices sung to the whiff
of congressionalist history
shipped in fifty two drums
of autumn for $7.85 (deal!)
but I’ve lost my hat during
the transfer from Saturday
night rich to Sunday morn
poor in candescent parlors
of newish iron with a weed
sheriff and this macallister
gun distiller from the royal
sobriquet city where ladies
are usually tossed in pools

Monday, July 09, 2007

triptych trencher cassette updates!

almost done with new batch of
triptych trencher tapes. so far
got all the tunes backed up and all
the labels printed and stickered.
next step will be dubbing the
little tykes. here's a peak:

"clarendon holy excerpts"

"airforce joyride"

"duel falcons"


Friday, July 06, 2007

used book of the day

the new science of skin and scuba diving
by the council for national co-operation in aquatics
c1970 association press

sample phrases:

    "air embolism"
    "blow-out pneumathorax"
    "mediastinal emphysema"
    "never dive alone"
    fig. 67. trouble"
    under the breakers, towing a float"
    "jaw held forward by finger in mouth"
    "scuba to skin diver exchange"
    "X 5/9 = centigrade"

Thursday, June 28, 2007

heard every 10min

for the last hour, i made a note
of everything i overheard in exact
ten minute intervals:

    "...paddock delray?"
    "...well i hope neil young can remember..."
    " mean... oh, ok!"
    "...he basically galvanized them."
    "do you take donations?"
    "ooh, honey look. george orwell! i've heard of him!!"

used book of the day

worshipful company of fletchers
by jmaes tate
c1994 ecco press

fr "the nitrogen cycle"

    "my name," he finally replied,
    is mr. ashby. please address me
    by that name or i will embarass you
    by telling you a beautiful story."

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

me: what's for dinner?!

radio: beef!

used book of the day

"full of secrets: critical approached to twin peaks"
ed. david lavery
c1995 wayne state press

select chapter headings:

    "the semiotics of cobbler: twin peaks' interpretive community"
    "the canonization of laura palmer"
    "the derationalization of detection in twin peaks"
    "entering the body of reality in twin peaks"

trench update

some releases now available
thru hanson mailorder.

"american gurneys" officially hits the ink
this week. followed by "infant denims (small poems)".

2 tapes should be ready in early july.
both feature short wave radio manipulation!
titles are forthcoming...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

used book of the day

species of space and other pieces
by georges perec
c1999 penguin books

from the chapter
"some of the things i
really must do before i die"

    "4. acquire various household appliances
    13. take a trip in a submarine
    23. i'd like to travel along canals
    25. learn to play drums"

Friday, June 22, 2007

chapbook updates

completed writing poems for
american gurneys. up next, the
rough versions of infant denim
and the forever on hiatus,
hank aaron, poems

Thursday, June 21, 2007

used book of the day

san francisco poems
by lawrence ferlinghetti
c1998 | city lights ($5.00)

    "drunks in doorways
    moons on trees
    the dog trots freely thru the street"

leonard cohen gravy bags bash

just overheard:

    "...leonard cohen..."
    "...hawaiian-style beach bash!"
    "...gravy bags..."

in consecutive sentences.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

second used book of the day

rommel drives on deep into egypt
by richard brautigan
c1970 delta books

while the poems don't do anything for
me, there happens to be this poem
handwritten on the last page:

    "this longing....sorrow
    more constant than the light of day
    but as inevitable, more constant
    than a tough, a visit, a friendship.
    eight months now-at least-I am
    tired of this physical inconvenience
    of carrying this baby and am eager
    to give birth. but, god not stillborn!
    imaginings, dreams, but not yet visions,
    they are. not yet even the vision of real
    things- knowledge worth having; but, god,
    the hope of the vision of joy in reality
    and pain of its absence: this longing.
    your touch is most welcome. pray, be more
    constant than at least sorrow."

almost a direst response
to brautigan's:
    "forget love
    i want to die
    in your yellow

on a side note, when i was younger,
i constantly confused richard brautigan
with popular thespian, kennth branagh.

used book of the day

The Oxford Advanced Atlas
by Oxford University Press


    - detailed map of "laurentic basin"
    - detailed british isles isobar map
    - flight patterns and ocean currents
    - south america in hot pink

inscribed as such:
    barbara ciampa
    40 sherburne rd hex.

Monday, June 18, 2007

from the notebooks.

    pg 2.

    super shook the
    borderlands. shot
    in egleston's leg.
    we haven’t rent.
    hook of the night
    boarding the bus.

    pg 3.

    skygreen bluebirds
    of a laundromat. big
    dryer guillotine roll.
    a warp of heads. dry
    heads. king cranium
    of wet heffer county.

    pg 4.

    can take off
    my shoes and
    stay in an s.s.
    hotel to keep
    my spirits up.

lightning still tastes like gangs!

in the intrest of trying to get back
into the habit of writing on a regular basis,
i am bringing back the blog. hooray.

let me catch you up to speed:

- triptych trencher

    about a year ago i started triptych trencher. it's about as close
    as having an unemployed uncle as one can get. sometimes it's a
    noise band, sometimes a printing press, once or twice an official
    notary public, small claims adjuster, rogue analyst, and home run
    champion in the simi valley california little league division. to date
    there have been twelve releases (ten 3" cds, and two poetry chap-
    books) with lots of zany ideas planned for the upcoming months,
    most noteworthy being a handful of cassettes, a cd-on-a-plate
    release, and a chapbook of poems by a co-worker of mine.
    stuff has been selling at a shocking clip lately so stay tuned to
    the blog for periodic updates.

- i now have the world's greatest job: used book buyer.
    who knew the people of brookline and newton were so lascivious!
    so secretive with their post it notes! so repressed in their
    shopping lists! so outward in their lust for prescription meds!
    expect some updates on odd book finds and in-book finds.

- writing.
    i currently have enough rough material for seven chapbooks.
    you can read my lists of possible titles here

- i'm getting married.

- i'm trying to lose weight.