Thursday, June 15, 2006

slack-jaw and jimmy

overheard a conversation at work
involving a man with a souped up
ponytail (and i don't mean souped
up in the went to a salon and had
that shit done up way) who
was kicking round the ol islamic
studies section with his bud and
happened across Reading Lolita
In Tehran
. what followed was
a molotov cocktail of "them iraqs
be teachin smut to them irag kids!"
and "man, thems that story there
about that guy who gets with a
li'girl, y'know? thats messed up,
man. Messed Up." his bud, the
voice of reason, said "did you
read this book or Lolita?" to
which his companion said "Nope.
and don't plan on it neither."

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