Friday, April 21, 2006

see below/ "the supreme adventure of out time"

yesterday. drove up to nahant.
all out crag coast was a beauty.
hills and local wild fisherman w/
red vans and secret know all's.
over to lynn for an unfortunate
bout with a wal mart. bought
movies and bath towels. forgot
the movies. went back tonight.
(no nahant). (no revere beach).
just straight on 1A north then
rotary loops to malden. bought
$17.00 worth of pizza. movies,
secure. wal mart was like being
in another country. intercom
inside jokes. "don't touch me"
written on ronald mcdonald.
mostly like a bill knott ditty.

tomorrow. junk stores.
must write 2,000 words
and plop it all into poems.
start packing. sort through
supplies. call utilities.

1 comment:

aimee said...

i don't know what is up with me and you going to the beach and encountering sketchballs in molester vans.

i just don't know.