Monday, April 10, 2006

praise words

    hang in there, champ


from notebook entitled:
an afternoon w/ realtor types

    6ft high ceilings a huge no

    realtors, why do you always
    lift up the toilet seat? that
    is usually a dealbreaker,

    "as you can see, this
    one has a lot of character!"
    note: "exposed wiring"

    "its a nice toilet seat,
    i must admit."

    "yay. everett."
    " ... "

    ok place. could be worse.
    no bars over windows.
    on street parking. oh,
    yes, its darling. but
    expensive. should i tell
    the realtor i just wanted
    to look at an awesome
    expensive apartment
    and maybe step inside
    one, and check out the
    decor? back to the $800
    range, we go.

    decor: systematic. they
    had a plan: seashells
    and dirty laundry.

    close to shopping area =
    next door to a walgreens.
    [underscored, a lot]

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