Friday, April 28, 2006

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

bold, like a bathtub

the red box
is gone for good. in
its stead, please enjoy
some pictures of a
nautical vessel
salvaging plant.

from notebook: 4/24/2006

heavy metal band
names [ possible ]

    botched angst
    newton bars [cover band]
    newton sport bars
    hammer fed
    war parades
    sgt. assy
    power cravat
    snow black
    mikhail bulgakov
    the old housewives [cover band]
    death wish dos
    hell's gong [cover band]
    pony express [king crimson tribute]
    apoplexy now
    pall bears
    grim marine life
    the national dread cross
    gareth keenan investigates
    ear ache
    gollum socket
    david lynch [danzig tribute]
    the the who

Monday, April 24, 2006

hagler v. hagler (but bigger)

    all projects on hold
    until i'm finished moving.
    should be about a week
    all told for hiatus.

    coming soon:
    &&g website!!!!
    rob's chapbook! finally!
    sounds! on cd! and tape!
    more chapbooks!

    summer of
    / or

    poetry fever:
    catch it!

you're out the band, sunshine.

Friday, April 21, 2006

see below/ "the supreme adventure of out time"

yesterday. drove up to nahant.
all out crag coast was a beauty.
hills and local wild fisherman w/
red vans and secret know all's.
over to lynn for an unfortunate
bout with a wal mart. bought
movies and bath towels. forgot
the movies. went back tonight.
(no nahant). (no revere beach).
just straight on 1A north then
rotary loops to malden. bought
$17.00 worth of pizza. movies,
secure. wal mart was like being
in another country. intercom
inside jokes. "don't touch me"
written on ronald mcdonald.
mostly like a bill knott ditty.

tomorrow. junk stores.
must write 2,000 words
and plop it all into poems.
start packing. sort through
supplies. call utilities.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

from one end of a line to the other [57]

lock your storm doors
newton corner, i'm moving
to your town. may 1st.

i'll be the one moving
his stuff via the mbta
57 bus, and aimee's lil
hatchback. no laughs.
pointing, i'm ok with.
but no laughing.

Monday, April 10, 2006

praise words

    hang in there, champ


from notebook entitled:
an afternoon w/ realtor types

    6ft high ceilings a huge no

    realtors, why do you always
    lift up the toilet seat? that
    is usually a dealbreaker,

    "as you can see, this
    one has a lot of character!"
    note: "exposed wiring"

    "its a nice toilet seat,
    i must admit."

    "yay. everett."
    " ... "

    ok place. could be worse.
    no bars over windows.
    on street parking. oh,
    yes, its darling. but
    expensive. should i tell
    the realtor i just wanted
    to look at an awesome
    expensive apartment
    and maybe step inside
    one, and check out the
    decor? back to the $800
    range, we go.

    decor: systematic. they
    had a plan: seashells
    and dirty laundry.

    close to shopping area =
    next door to a walgreens.
    [underscored, a lot]

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

short poems


dry towns to
too wet towns
a livable hell
where the fires
are off by dusk


easty, indelible
wife went blind.
in the same room,
alzheimer hiss
in a pile.


the bones fell
out of him. of
whom, lorn to
titty bars. an
irreg. a coot.


eastern ohio
saunters t'dust
off t'bars clad
in eurethanes
as dead beats


page piano
baptists pals of
the white gyms
pommel horse

dead meat

Monday, April 03, 2006

blaster pastor

from notebook.
entry from o8/12/2003:

    at the bus stop right now is the inman sq
    heavy metal man sporting a killer fanny pack
    and short shorts that leaves NOTHING to the
    imagination. his ragtag friend is also with him.
    and, i'm not a lip reader, but i believe they are
    comparing the signiture solos and lyrical stylings
    of joe perry and steven tyler to the mathematical
    logic formulated by bertrand russell"

i don't remember any of that.