Wednesday, March 29, 2006

the who v. porky pig

found a copy of john berryman's
77 dream songs from 1964
today. FOR FREE. thank you work
related perks. thank you and your
golden locks of freebie hair. did
i mention the inscription?

    january 1971

    dear haidee, "...then came a departure..."
    but no really - only a geographical bi-
    modality, as it were. but perhaps a
    departure, too, for you - a time of new
    beginnings and a new present; ergo a
    new future. be happy. gregor.

sounds like gregor
got his ass dumped.

i would've chosen the more
biting "come away, mr bones"
from song 77. but hey, i never
new haidee. i did however,
know someone who used to
do latch hook craft projects
and read most of the dystopic
"marvel 2099" comic books.
that special little warrior? me.

hooray for latch hook.

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